15 Fantastic Furniture With Pallets (And Not Only)

15 Fantastic Furniture With Pallets (And Not Only)

Handmade wooden furnishing accessories are not accessible to all pockets. The pallets, in this sense, can become an alternative and a resource. Through recycling and so-called upcycling, it is possible to retrieve the structures, whole or in portions, to transform them into perfect furniture for terraces, courtyards and outdoor in general, but also for indoor use. As we will see, pallets can be transformed into a wide variety of furnishing accessories and provide great flexibility in design and use, to give life to simple but elegant, intimate and lively environments as well. We just have to see them together follow us.


The pallets allow a great variety of uses, from the side planters to the central low table. White, in this case, looks the right color for the garden.

Craft pallets

The use of craft techniques allows to work both on shapes and on pallet surfaces, to be transformed into furniture such as benches and tables we see in this image.

For the office table

There are many ways to use pallets. In this case, as we see, they form the two side bases of a large office table, binder and practical.

Use pallet parts

As we see in this picture, you can also use pallet portions to make them practical and interesting complements to use throughout the house. Like shelves and shelves for objects and photos we see in this image.

Simplicity and freshness

Poor and recyclable material, that of pallets allows simple but elegant solutions as well. As we see in this photo, a combination of pallets allows for a low, cool, practical, simple, elegant sitting for a young and lively stay.

Stylish and industrial

The pallets, however, also lend themselves to creating elegant furnishings such as the ones we see in this image, the elegant fabric-cushioned armchairs, which help to give an elegant and industrial tone to the environment.

The base for so many pillows

Pallets are often used to give birth to cushions of different shapes and sizes. The height of the base can vary, just like the color you can choose, for a modern look or more classicly rustic.

A three-seater outdoor couch

Still in the garden, pallet structures are a resource for infinite solutions. In this case we see a large three-seater sofa complete with soft fabric seats.

Structures for vertical gardens

The base pallet grid can also be tilted and vertically used on the walls to give support to pots and planters to create vertical gardens like the one we see in this image.

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