74 Sqm Completely Transformed!

74 Sqm Completely Transformed!

With this new book of ideas, we will travel to Strasbourg, capital of Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardenne region, and we will meet an apartment of only 74 square meters, which has been completely renovated. The result is amazing! The project was developed by ADI-HOME experts, an agency consisting of two employees JEAN-FRANÇOIS CELESTE, an interior designer, and INWILDE DORVAL, an interior decorator. Both are members of the cooperative ANTOGONE of 2011, and are primarily concerned with modernization, space design, decoration, recruitment and selection of the furniture. Their area of ??responsibility, therefore, concerns the redesign of the interior and their structuring.

First the kitchen

The project consists of the renovation of an apartment with an area of ??only 74 mq.Il look that characterized the building before the intervention of the experts was outdated and out of fashion, just like demonstrates this Kitchen http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-cilandak-jakarta-selatan-new. The combination of wooden furniture and tile splash back in the same tone, is now obsolete and attractive at all … it was urgent a change!

After a completely different environment

Do not you find that the new kitchen is completely unrecognizable The ugly wooden ceiling is gone, and with him also the terrible démodé tiles and rustic furniture grandmother, carefully replaced with other decidedly more modern and practical. Wood is basically remained, and this demonstrates that it remains a highly topical material. The image shows a serious cuisine but also original and functional … successful transformation!

A strategic peninsula

We are always in the kitchen, just look at the rest of the environment, and from another perspective. The center of interest focuses on the peninsula, a fairly central element but actually plays a very significant role. In addition to representing an additional storage compartment, in fact, it makes it more appealing space, creating a set course in the kitchen able to delimit spaces.

modern details

And now let’s take a look at the details! Under the sink in the two empty rooms kitchen we have been prepared for the dishwasher and washing machine. Not bad for an apartment of only 74 square meters, do not you think The combination of warm wood tones and shades of gray then, gives a modern and refined effect. The LED lamps that are placed under cabinets finally make it more technological and functional ..

First the bathroom … the horror!

But we change the room as well, and let’s move in the bathroom. Sure, these two-tone tiles in shades of beige and powder does not help to revive the aesthetics of the room. The furnishings seem remedied at best,

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