About Focal Lengths In Photography

About Focal Lengths In Photography

Inside the situation is complicated, especially as a function of focal length. As previously mentioned, most focal length means a greater number of lenses and we can realize how complex it can be a telephoto watching this insight if I counted correctly, the number of elements is 13 (why are concave or convex back Articles on the distortions) which makes this lens an object particularly complex to build, produce and transport also considering the overall weight.

This split second (Leica) makes us better appreciate the components http://www.akusewa.com/sewa-backdrop-jakarta. Notice how thick the lenses can be and how complex the whole mechanical part around the same (there are both zoom which focus). This objective is entirely analog (there is no electronic track) and also lacks the part relative to the diaphragm as incorporated in its machine body.

At normal allocation of lenses, a lens, traditionally, contains electronics. And in particular the mechanism for the automatic focus and the stabilizer. Both of these mechanisms can be disabled via a switch located on the side on the objective body (usually close to the machine body)

As for the different types of objectives that we can find for sale, the list is very long and complex, ranging from fisheye to wide-angle lenses, from canvas to canvas and then move on to the super special objectives which can be a lensbaby (we will see them in future articles). For now, here is the list of focal (from Wikipedia)

By the way, you know how to build a target No Here’s a great video that will explain how it’s done

Last but not least the stabilization essential to reduce vibration, it allows you to earn up to 2 or 3 stops (most is just legend). With the use of the stabilization you can shoot without vibrations and hand-free up to 1  30s, a very interesting time. Obviously the stabilizer has a considerable price and is less effective on zoom lenses (because of the higher sensitivity to vibrations) compared to wide-angle. Although, in the wide-angle, often stabilization is useless precisely because the lack of sensitivity to vibration.

In this way increases precision and not a little. Latest gem that can be useful to consider is the possibility of buying a lens that has the ovverride manual auto focus that is when we intervene manually on the ring, the lens automatically disables the AutoFocus without the need of our intervention selector which usually equips the standard lenses.

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