Allergies In Water

Water is a staple in human life, even many people will be tormented if there is no water. But who would have thought if airpun it can cause allergies in some people, and the term for people who are allergic to water called Pruritis Aquagenic.

Aquuric pruritis is a condition produced after exposure to any temperature water. Symptoms develop within minutes and may include itching, burning or even thorny sensations. Often there is no skin change, though, vague wavy, itchy rashes can occur. The last from 10 minutes to several hours, and usually experienced on one or more of the skin surface following symptoms are: chest, back, arms or legs. While the exact cause of this condition is unclear, some researchers believe it is a result of extreme (but not allergic) skin sensitivity for added ingredients (chlorine, fluoride, others) or now minerals in the water.

Most of our body consists of water. However, in almost all cases, allergic reactions are expressed only when the skin is in contact with water. This allergy is a feeling of itching every time exposed to water. Common allergic reactions to this water are sore, itching and reddening, alergetic severity varies greatly, from almost invisible to severe levels.

Urticaria, also known as itching. While cold urticaria also produces itching in someone exposed to water, it often causes redness, pain and swelling of unprotected skin after exposure to cold or water. Even holding cold drinks can cause certain hand swelling. In fact, we often diagnose this condition by applying ice cubes to the forearm skin for three to five minutes. In an unaffected person this will cause redness, but in those with cold urticaria the red area, itching and swelling may appear minutes after exposure to water

Sometimes, this case is difficult to solve, because we can be allergic to anything. Some people are even allergic to drugs used to treat allergies, such as corticosteroids.

Imagine an allergic to water that almost 70 percent is consumed by everyone, and 70% also some of our bodies contain water, but for some people, having a water allergy is a bitter reality.
Not yet clear what causes this water allergy and its source. A doctor from New Nino Goad wolverhamptons Hospital, once said that the disease is a strange water allergy, he had tried to give anti-histamine drugs and therapy Ultraviolet rays tehapat patients, but not also successful.

Although the true cause has not been found and also has not found the cure, but most likely the trigger is the ions in the water.