Flood seemed to be a danger to every heavy rain. To anticipate, every dwelling should be planned from the beginning of the building stood. Moreover, if our house is situated in a location that is prone to flooding.

Earthquake survival kit –┬áSome large cities have even suffered a flood disaster, due to river overflow capacity, or not functioning optimally city channels. The first step that must be done is, recognize the ecological system in the surrounding residential areas Friends of Spectrum. If the house is located in the flooded area, there is no harm from the initial design of the house prepared to anticipate. But if it has been, should be a significant change to fix the Spectrum Companion home.

Renovation Total
If you want to do a total renovation or new built from scratch, home design should note the following:
1. Design the building foundations at least 40-50cm in front of the house on the street Friends of Spectrum
2. Urug the ground at least 50 cm above the road. Position the yard and carport at the top of the road, to protect valuable goods when the flood hit.
3. To pengurugan ground is not too crowded, the floor is made with the construction of the stage, like to make two floors. It’s a little more expensive, but the implementation is simpler and faster than should be compact.
4. Plan carefully the position of the main house, at least be higher than the maximum limit of the floods that have occurred. Could the land mengurug or placing the main house on the upper floor. Use rubble or solid ground for mengurug, having previously used as a strengthening of the foundation. Spaces that are at the bottom of the main house, can be used as a warehouse, room service, gymnasium and so on.
5. Place the duct drainage, sewage, mechanical and electrical installations with a height above the surface of the ground in a “safe” from flooding.
6. If necessary, set up a generator in anticipation of power outages when severe floods hit. Power outages during floods, often unpredictable duration.

Partial renovation
where households already become flooded, inevitably have to do renovations. Here are some steps that can be followed:
1. Raise the floor of the house, with attention to the ceiling height. If the ceiling height in the house 3 m, the maximum limit of the elevation of the floor is 50cm, so the ceiling height of 2.5 m was obtained.
2. Create an ornamental pond in the front yard, with a considerable height inside. It could be to reduce the flood of light.
3. For furniture, choose a waterproof material, such as aluminum, stainless steel or wrought iron.
4. If the Spectrum Companion ceramics at home regardless of the structure due to the brunt of flooding, there is no harm if the ceramic is removed and gentlemen, and replace it with cement mortar acian exposure. Currently more intense exposure acian cement used either as a wall or floor.
5. If the walls of the house looks dull due to flooding, be solved with the exterior paint a more weatherproof.

Over the
use of water-resistant material, such as stone on the bottom area. The living room is “floating” above the garage, to avoid the threat of flooding hit. Do not forget the greenery in the yard, despite being in the upper limit of the road. Complete with landscaping treatment, despite being in the upper limit of the road.

Under the
use of materials for furniture or parts of buildings, flood-resistant and durable, one of the exposed cement.

Raise Height Floor
Raising the height of the floor, often a last solution, when the partial renovation done. To note the following:
– Raise the house can be started from the front area of the fence. This means that the addition of altitude done thoroughly, which will cost quite high. Because meaning landscaping, will also change. If this is an option, meaning the park Spectrum Companion will be free from flooding will damage the plant’s pet.
– Raising the height of the floor in the room, cause there is a difference between the entrance and the floors in the room. Consequently, for small as the connecting stairs.
– Calculate the distance of the ceiling. Try not to get too close to the head of an adult male.
– The easiest way and saving is made blockade on the terrace. This is a last resort and for the prevention of emergency (temporary) only, because of lack of aesthetic value.

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