Banks and mutual funds have betrayed their clients.

A friend of mine recently went to a local bank and ask about deposits $ 50,000 into a CD account. He was told that he must pay money for 5 years to get 0.867% back … it was only $ 433.50 per year interest. However, the bank charged a monthly service fee $ 13.00 ($ 156.00 per year). Worse, if he withdraw the money early, the bank will charge him 3% penalty ($ 1,500.00 penalty). She told the counselor, “It sounds like now I pay YOU to save money MY.”

Maybe it’s time for the average person to take charge of their own funds, get rid of the banksters of Wall Street and the mutual fund company, and look for promising alternatives that will allow them more control over the future of their savings.

Here are some reasons why buying land jasa topografi can be a long-term investment that is better and safer than stocks:


Companies often hide something. From a practical standpoint, it is almost impossible for you or me to read the quarterly report, penetrate the smoke screen of their accounting, and get the facts which would enable one to make reliable investment decisions. However, any ordinary person can do “due diligence” them on a piece of land. Land is just easier to find out from the rim of accounting statements. A land buyers generally can “see through” the lack of disclosure seller or wrong with just doing some diligent research.

The real value

Land has an intrinsic value that would not go down to zero. land purchased has the potential to earn good money through rent or lease. Land can have tax advantages, and always appreciate in the long term. Land will always be something worth unlike so many dot-com companies that we saw in the past. Unfortunately, the stock does not have the same track record of late.

Less Liabilities

The future is unknown or the wealth of individual companies is subject to several risks. Things are changing so fast, who knows if the 10 or 20 years from now the company will remain in business. Because the demand for land and the price is influenced by population growth and limited supply, soil is generally less risk and potentially disastrous. By the time you purchase your land investment, the risk is almost always unknown and factor in your decision and price.


Unpredictable stock market has caused many baby boomers to delay or postpone their retirement indefinitely. Although land prices could move up or down, the overall long-term trend is always up. By land, you will not have sleepless nights just because the Dow fell more than 600 points in one day.


You can buy a plot of land for investment and “use” of your investment at the same time. Build your dream home, camping and hunting, recreational weekend and holiday getaways are all common use of your investment. We’ve compiled a list of 38 uses / reason to own land.

Safe Long-Term Investments

Here’s an interesting fact the US population is 305 million people. In 2040, it is projected to be 400 million. Knowing that piece of information, you can predict where the best companies to buy shares in? And more importantly, you can predict where the company will remain in business 30 years from now?