Beautiful Eye Tips

The eye is one of the five senses which is very important for the human body. Just imagine if we do not have eyes, then this life will be dark and you will have difficulty activities. But I really, there are still many people who lack the health and beauty of the eyes.

Most people tend to ignore the things that required actually do like taking care of the eyes, protecting the eyes from things that can damage its function, and maintain the beauty of the eye. Below, you will be listening to 5 wonderful eye tips to treat and maintain the beauty of your eyes.

To treat your eyes to stay healthy, here are 5 beautiful eye tips you must do, including:

Get used to wake up before sunrise, avoid sleeping late, and avoid sleeping when the sun has risen because it can harm the eyes.

Protect your eyes from pollution, dust, sun heat with the habit of wearing sunglasses, umbrellas, or hats.

Perform eye exercises, by moving the eyeball in all directions ie: to the right and left, top and bottom, then turn clockwise and counterclockwise

Wash your eyes with a water bath that has been immobilized overnight and in the filter until clear because it is very useful to treat the beauty of the eye.

Take care of the eyes with the following habits:

Dripping honey on both eyes once a week is very useful to clean the eyes of the dirt.

Compress the eyes with pieces of potato or cucumber to reduce dark circles on the eyes

Compress with ice cubes to smooth blood circulation in the eyes

Meanwhile, to maintain and maintain the beauty of the eyes, there are 5 beautiful eye tips that you must do, including:

Consumption of foods containing vitamins A, C and E, such as green vegetables, tomatoes, chicken and milk are useful eye care.

Avoid gazing at objects continuously, rest your eyes with blinking it to avoid tired eyes that reduce the beauty of the eye.

Clean your eyes from cosmetics before you sleep because the rest of the cosmetics can clog the pores

Avoid rubbing the eyes, especially if your hands are dirty because it can cause irritation.

Consume enough water to avoid wrinkles on the eyes