Benefits of Flower Shoes

Flower shoes or hibiscus is a plant that is known to have beautiful flowers and colorful. In Indonesia itself, shoe flower trees are grown as an ornamental plant and some are using it as a living fence. Naturally, shoemakers have the Latin name of Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis which is classified in bush plants.

Based on information extracted from the site, shoe flowers have the characteristics of flowers with a large crown, odorless, there are types of shoemak, which has a crown of a layer and some have double flowers or layered mahkota leaves. Flower shoes have a variety of types that are distinguished by color, some are red, orange, red easy, white, yellowish and many more.
Picture Flower Shoes

Behind the beautiful looks, shoe flowers have benefits that can be used for treatment. Thanks to all the nutrients, substances and properties possessed by this flower, the shoe flower has benefits for the treatment of the human body. Like what is on the site, this is the benefits of shoe flowers for treatment.
7 Benefits of Flower Shoes

Treating Headaches
The diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties of shoe flowers can be used to treat headaches and can be used to treat pain. The way is enough to boil shoe flowers for 30 minutes and take the water to be compressed on the head that feels pain.
Lower Fever
Children are usually susceptible to fever because their immune system has not been able to work properly. There is a natural way that can be used to reduce the fever, namely by using a flower plant shoes, how to take root of shoe plants, mash until smooth, boil until boiling for 30 minutes then strain to drink the water at once.
Treating Cough and Sprue
Shoot flower plants can also be used to treat cough and sprue, the way of making can be done by taking a few sheets of leather shoes, wash thoroughly, boil about 15 minutes then strain the water and drink directly.
Treating Gondokan
Gondokan or better known as mumps is a disease of enlargement and swelling of the thyroid gland. Shoot flower plants can also be used to cure gondokan. The process of making it quite easy to do, which is only using the roots of hibiscus that has been boiled for 30 minutes and use it to compress the affected body of mumps.
Treat Bronchitis Penyakin
Bronchitis is a term used when inflammation occurs in the bronchus, to overcome it can be done by using a shoe flower by boiling it about 15 minutes, then take water to drink.
Can be used to Cure Gonorrhea
Gonorrhea is a disease of gonorrhea, this disease can be cured by consuming a herb from a shoe flower. The trick, prepare enough shoe flowers, boil about 15 minutes, then strain the water and let stand for a night, then drink the concoction on the next day. [1]
Overcoming Insect Bites
Inside the shoe flowers contain antiseptic, anti-inflmation and diuretics, so the shoe flowers can be used to cure insect bites. How to do it easy enough, that is just prepare the flower shoes that have been washed, then rub-rub on the body that feels itchy due to insect bites.