Benefits of Green Beans for Health

Everyone must be familiar with green beans, peanuts included in this type of legumes are quite popular in Indonesia. In addition, green beans themselves are widely consumed in a variety of tasty food preparations such as green beans porridge, green bean ice, green bean collards and much more.

Green bean plants grown by many farmers in Indonesia so it is quite easy to get it. Moreover, to get green beans will not drain the contents of the wallet because in the market the green beans are priced at quite cheap per kilo. Not only delicious for consumption, this type of nuts have many nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body.

In one grain of green beans contain nutrients such as protein, vitamin B complex, fiber, minerals, folic acid, carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium and many more. Imagine, if one green bean contains so many nutrients, then how much nutrition will be obtained by our body when consuming in large quantities.

Once explained about the nutritional content contained in green beans, on this occasion will also be given information about the benefits of green beans for health. Here are some benefits of green beans for body health, as for them are as follows:
7 Benefits of Green Beans for Health

Launching the Digestive System
Previously it was known that inside the green beans contained fiber. Fiber content is useful to nourish the digestive organs so that the digestive system in the body to be smooth.
Adding Energy
The content of fiber and carbohydrates in green beans can be used to increase the energy needed by the body, so the green beans can be processed into a healthy breakfast menu.
Lose weight
Green beans have low calorie content, so it can be used as one component of a healthy diet menu. In addition, green beans also have a filling properties and delay the hunger.
Good for Mom and Fetus
In the green beans contained folic acid and high calcium. Both of these contents have the ability to nourish the mother and fetus.
High Protein Sources
It is certain that green beans have a high protein content. When consumed regularly green beans can meet the protein intake required by the body.
Treat and Prevent Anemia
In the green beans contain a lot of iron. The iron content has the ability to help the formation of red blood cells so as to treat and prevent anemia.
Maintaining Skin Health
In the green beans also contain vitamin E which serves to maintain skin health by protecting the skin from the dangers of free radicals.