Benefits Of Papaya Leaves Helpful For Health

With characteristic bitter flavor, benefits of papaya leaves for health is not the one bit and playfulness. Many herbal medicinal products are made from leaves of papaya with a variety of uses to cure various diseases. A concrete example of use of this leaf to overcome health problems naturally is to reduce menstrual pain, eliminate acne on the face and so forth.

In addition to its leaves nutritious, papaya fruit also has many benefits for the body healthy and smooth the skin and seeds are useful as a natural ingredient hair.

raw papaya leafLeaves with a distinctive bitter taste has been shown to have utility for the health of the body. For those of you who want to consume papaya leaves, but do not like the taste, the following easy tips to remove the bitter taste of papaya leaves .

Select one of the ways that you find most convenient:

  • Prior to boiling water, knead leaves with salt until soft and remove the water.
  • Papaya leaves boiled with guava leaves, use a ratio of 3: 10, where 3 papaya leaves boiled with 10 pieces of guava leaves
  • Add 1 handful of clay or bricks when boiled. Do not forget to wash after mature to keep them clean when eaten

Do you know the bitter taste of papaya leaves is caused by the content of alkaloids karpain?

This bitter taste causing compounds have utility to reduce fever, high blood pressure and kill microbes that cause various diseases.

Here’s Papaya Leaf Benefit For Body Health

    1. Enhancing Drugs Appetite
      To overcome the problem of lack of appetite, right mix of fresh papaya leaves with salt and warm water. Mash until smooth then strain the water and drink the water filter. This method can also be used in children are difficult to eat.

      Give herbal appetite enhancer is 2-3 days, not too often. For children, the portions not too much. Quite 1/4 cup only.

    2. Digestion staged
      Consume this decoction of the leaves or processed into vegetable stir fry then you will get the benefits that avoid the problem of indigestion of food.
    3. The benefits of papaya for women
      Especially for women who are menstruating and want to eliminate pain easily and safely, try a traditional medicinal herb papaya leaves. Mix 1 raw papaya leaves, tamarind and salt and then boiled until cooked. Drinking water these herbs so that menstrual pain can be reduced.

      Pregnant women should not be too often consume papaya leaves (in any processed form) because the risk of a bad effect on the fetus in the womb.

Papaya leaf herbal medicine is useful for treating pain during menstruation

  1. Eliminate Acne On Face
    The natural way of treating acne using these leaves are mashed 2 pieces of old papaya leaves that have been dried beforehand, mix a little warm water and rub the mixture on acne facial area. Let stand 20-30 minutes and then wash your face with clean water.
  2. Preventing Cancer
    Consuming papaya leaves regularly proven efficacious against cancer. The content of the white sap that is in it is an anti-cancer agent.
  3. Meat Mengempukkan
    Another benefit of this leaf is made more epuk meat. The trick wrap raw meat with a squeeze of pawpaw leaves and let stand a few moments later was freshly cooked.
  4. Overcoming High Blood Pressure
    Efficacy next papaya is to control blood pressure in the body. Boil five leaves with half a liter of water and then take the cooking water and add sweetener, pure honey or brown sugar. Drink while warm.
  5. Treating Dengue
    For those of you suffering from dengue fever, mix 5 pieces of papaya with ginger, brown sugar and meniran taste. And drinking boiled water decoction of the leaves regularly until dengue recover.
  6. Smooth milk Breastfeeding
    For mothers who are breast-feeding, the use of papaya leaves can be smooth milk naturally. Prepare five pieces of young leaves and place on the fire until the leaves wilt. Paste while warm above except the mother’s breast nipple.
  7. Strengthen Bones and Teeth
    Consumption of papaya leaf vegetable regularly can strengthen your bones and teeth. The content natural believed to make teeth stronger and healthier bones.

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