Benefits of Sticky Tape for Health

One of the reasons that can make Indonesia’s state loved by people in the country to abroad is due to its culinary diversity. Culinary archipelago is famous for its distinctive taste, so different from the taste offered from culinary cuisine from other countries.

In general, various typical Indonesian food is made in the traditional way because it is considered to add flavor and aroma. Not only has a delicious flavor, some typical Indonesian food also has many benefits for the health of the body. Tape is one type of food that if consumed can provide many benefits for the health of the body.

Tape is a food produced from the fermentation process between carbohydrates with yeast. There are two types of tape, namely cassava tape and glutinous tape made with different components of food  Cassava tape made from fermentation between cassava with yeast, while glutinous tape made from fermentation of glutinous rice with yeast.

Then, sticky tape is divided into 2 types according to the glutinous rice color used is black sticky tape and glutinous tape. If you choose to make tape with white sticky rice, the result can into various colors according to taste, which is enough to cook sticky rice with food coloring.
Tape sticky rice rarely sold in the market because usually the people of Indonesia, especially the Javanese and Sundanese just make it to be presented at certain events such as wedding celebrations, village celebrations and thanksgiving events. Therefore, if you want to enjoy sticky tape should try to make it to add knowledge in the field of culinary. The following will be explained about the procedure of making glutinous tape according to what is analyzed
How To Make Sticky Tape For Health

First of all prepare some necessary ingredients such as sticky rice, yeast, banana leaf sugar and toothpick with adjusted amount.
Wash glutinous rice until clean and soak sticky rice into clean water for 8 hours.
Then, rinse again sticky rice that has been soaked with clean water and drain
Bowl sticky rice until half cooked by stirring it to mature evenly
Then, move to steam until cooked
Lift and pour the sticky rice on a tray / pan by flattening it to cool quickly
Once cool, add the finely crushed yeast and add enough sugar.
Do not forget to sprinkle it evenly.
Take a stick of sticky rice sufficiently to wrap with banana leaves and embed using a toothpick
In order to look more neat, banana scissors at the top to get the appropriate length of the size
Enter into a closed place and let stand for a few days (minimum 3 days)

What determines the success of making this tape is the process of fermentation, so it is advisable to use the yeast in the right amount and sprinkle it evenly. Another alternative can be applied by replacing banana leaves with plastic containers, if it is difficult to get a banana leaf. However, the resulting aroma and taste is different from the glutinous tape wrapped by banana leaves.

After already knowing how to make it, it feels less  if not yet know the benefits of tape sticky rice for health. To complete the information will be given the benefits of glutinous tape taken The content of lactic acid in glutinous tape is useful for boosting the immune system, lowering cholesterol levels and preventing the growth of cancer cells. In tape sticky rice there is a high iron content that can cure and prevent anemia disease. Glutinous tape also has a high fiber content that can be used to launch the digestive system. In addition, in sticky tape also has anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory properties, if consumed regularly can maintain skin health.