Building Hen House


Planning to build a chicken house? You may be wondering what material you will need to do the job. Some of these things will depend on what’s on your mind as far as the chicken house is concerned. For some people they consider the chicken coop is 2×4 plywood, plywood, a few stains and some chicken wire. This is one way to go and your material cost will be small.

If you are planning to build something a little bigger and a chicken house that will not fall apart in the first big storm you get, then you will see more materials at a higher cost. Of course, if you do it right, you not only have a sturdy chicken coop harga plywood but you will also have it that looks good and you can be proud.

Typical ingredients for chicken coop:

1. Wooden frame: For small cage you see 2×4’s. Some people will use smaller framing wood, but I do not recommend it. If you’re really going to be big, then it is recommended that you upgrade to 2×6’s. If you build a chicken house on a small slope, you need to buy 4×4 items.

2. Plywood / planks: You will use plywood for your floor, walls, and roof. I recommend using T1-11 on the wall. It is nice upgrade and make hen house looking better. You can even become fancier as far as siding but not necessary.

3. Nails / screws: You will need a variety of nails and screws to do the job. Remember that a whipped roof will require special roof nails.

4. Roof Materials: Either asphalt roofs like shingles like those used in most homes, or you can use a corrugated metal roof panel.

5. Isolation: Chickens lay more eggs when they are warm and comfortable. If you live in an area with cold winters, you need to insert some insulation in the chicken house.

6. Wire Mesh: Most likely you will have some type of chicken run and you will need a wire mesh for it. Get heavy items. You also want to use a net to cover the vents, windows, and more. To make the chicken coop predator safe, you may need to bury several chicken wires one or more feet in the ground around the run to prevent it from digging under ..

This is the main item to consider when buying a home. This is a great project and I encourage you to take your time, plan it well, use good materials and make it something you can be proud of. Your chicken will appreciate as well