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The best Android alternatives to Google apps


Although most Android users have already become accustomed to using Google applications on our devices, there is a whole world of different possibilities and alternatives, which we often ignore even knowing that they could offer us an even better experience. Offer the apps developed by the great G.

So, in case you were thinking of making the leap, and stop using – as much as possible – the Google apps on your Android phone, today we want to bring you the best alternatives available today.


Gmail is a very good mail manager, we will not deny it. Even so, there are users who are looking for more advanced applications that allow them to control even the smallest details of their email. If this is your case, or if you just get tired of using Gmail for Android, do not miss the following alternatives.

Aqua Mail

Aqua Mail is undoubtedly the perfect mail application for lovers of personalization. Almost any parameter of the interface of the app is totally configurable, so that each user can enjoy a unique experience when managing their mail.

But this is not the only advantage of Aqua Mail, as it has support for major mail providers, push notifications, widgets for the home screen or synchronization with the calendar. In addition, more advanced users of Android will be happy to know that Aqua Mail has native support for Tasker.

Although the application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, it will be necessary to purchase the Pro version to be able to enjoy all the features offered by Aqua Mail.


Perhaps the least known app in this compilation, and is that Astro Mail has only a few weeks available in the app store.

Even so, you should not underestimate the potential of the application, especially considering that it makes use of an artificial intelligence system to manage our e-mail trays.

One of the main advantages of this free app is that it differentiates the received mail between “important” and “other”, which allows us to see in a simple way the mail that we are really interested in every moment. In addition, it has a built-in assistant, which recommends that we remove the subscription to certain spam services, as well as help us identify which mail is important and which is not important.

Google Drive

Those who need to have their files stored in the cloud, but do not want to use Drive, the service provided by Google, should know that there are alternatives to the height, and even better than the platform of the great G.


The classic cloud storage services. At this point, Dropbox does not need presentation, it is one of the most popular and advanced cloud storage platforms available.

In addition, the application for Android receives updates on a regular basis, loaded with very interesting features. For example, thanks to the latest version of the app we are able to scan documents with the camera of our smartphone for later storage as PDF.


It may not be as popular as Dropbox, but in the more than 3 years I’ve been using Box, the application has managed to be one of the first installs on each and every one of my devices.

The application for Android is very simple and functional, and has interesting functions such as the ability to view files offline, configure an access code, or access through the fingerprint reader to keep our data safe.

Android posts

Although it is becoming less common to use SMS, some people still prefer this method of text communication. While it is true that Android Messaging – formerly known as Google Messenger – is one of the most recommended apps to use SMS thanks to its support for the standard RCS, which will soon be more widespread, there are Some alternatives that are worth being in this compilation.

This leak shows that the Moto C could be presented shortly


Lenovo has quite mysterious plans for Moto. We recently learned that the Asian firm could re-use the Motorola name in the future in its next smartphones, although this is something that has not been confirmed yet. As far as phone proposals for 2017, the manufacturer also has some or other ace hidden under the sleeve.

Among others, one of the devices that more curiosity has raised is the call Moto C, the new bet of Lenovo for the entrance range. It is not the first time we have heard of this phone, which would be located according to its characteristics under the MotoG family. Luckily, a few hours ago we were able to access through PhoneArena the last leak related to the Moto C.

Lenovo Moto C Receives Bluetooth Certification

The next line of ultra-cheap smartphones from Lenovo has just received its Bluetooth certification, which means that the presentation of these phones may not be far off the horizon. And yes, we said “these phones” because, according to the last leak, the Moto C Plus would also arrive a Moto C Plus.

The certification of the XT1750 model by the Bluetooth SIG group not only has confirmed that the smartphone will have Bluetooth 4.2 but in addition, the Moto C will carry a processor manufactured by MediaTek. This could be one of the main reasons why Lenovo would have managed to reduce the cost of the device.

As far as the other features are concerned, little is known about the Moto C. If we listen to the rumors, the terminal has a 5-inch screen with 480 x 854 pixels resolution. The memory section consists of 1 GB of RAM and 8 or 16 GB of internal storage. The camera would be 5 megapixels, while the battery would have a capacity of 2,350 mAh.

What do you think will be the price of the Moto C?