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High Blood Traditional Medicine

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition of a person’s blood pressure above normal. A person can be said to be high blood (hypertension) if the systolic and diastolic measurements are above the range of 140/90 mmHg or more continuously. According to WHO one can be said to have high blood if blood pressure is equal to or more than 160/95 mmHg. High blood (hypertension) is a major factor causing vascular disease such as stroke, chronic kidney, heart failure, etc.
High Blood Traditional Medicine

Continuous consumption of antihypertensive chemicals is also not good for your health. Because long-term use of drugs is likely to cause side effects. Therefore you should use traditional high blood medicine such as:
1. Leaves Salam
Benefits: can lower high blood and cholesterol and can lower blood sugar levels.
2. Seaweed
Benefits: can normalize blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis and can lower cholesterol.
3. Cucumber
Benefits: Cucumber contains high levels of potassium minerals that are useful for reducing high blood pressure and can reduce kidney stones.
4. Cantaloupe
Benefits: cantaloupe has the same properties as cucumbers that reduce high blood pressure and reduce kidney stones.
5. Mengkudu
Benefits: can lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol high, and lower blood sugar levels.
6. Black Meeting
Benefits: can smooth circulation and liquefy blood clots and can neutralize toxins in the body.
7. Garlic
Benefits: can lower high blood pressure, high cholesterol and destroy blood clots.
8. Onion Bombay
Benefits: onions have the same properties as garlic.

Some signs of high blood symptoms include:
– Headache
– Dizzy
– Bleeding from the nose
– Face redness
– Fatigue

There are also several causes of high blood:

The older a person’s age the higher the risk of high blood pressure. Older people are usually more at risk of having high systolic pressure. This is due to the hardening of blood vessels.
Heredity factor (genetic)

High blood pressure (hypertension) can be caused by heredity. If in your family there is a high blood then you should be more careful with a healthy lifestyle.

Men have a higher risk of suffering from high blood disease than women. However, it does not mean women are also not likely to get high blood pressure. For that note your diet.

Obesity is one cause of high blood. Therefore, you should have an ideal body weight to prevent high blood pressure.
Consume Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol will adversely affect your health.

Stress can also be one of the reasons why a person suffers from high blood pressure. For that avoid stress triggers and make yourself relax.
Use of Contraception

The use of contraceptive pills will increase your risk of high blood pressure. Therefore before you use the contraceptive pill should consult a doctor first.
Consume Continuous Drugs

Continuous use of colds and allergies can also cause high blood pressure.
Being lazy

Lazy not only makes the waist wider but also can increase the risk of high blood.

Well, for those of you who have high blood to be more careful and more attention to your diet. Apply a healthy lifestyle to you and your family.

Heart Causes and Symptoms

Leaky heart disease is a condition in which there is a hole in the part of the heart barrier caused by structural heart disorders. This disease is one type of dangerous diseases. Leaky heart disease is generally a congenital disease.

The cause of leaky heart disease is not known for certain, but the following may be at risk for infants with congenital heart disease due to maternal factors suffering from hypertension, chemical pollution, exposure to x-rays, measles, smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke. The leaky heart in the baby can be known after a baby is a few weeks or months marked by simple symptoms such as difficulty breathing and up and down the baby’s chest cavity.

In the case of a leaky heart that occurs in infants, dirty blood circulation flows into a clean blood circulation so that it can make the baby blue. If too much dirty blood circulates into the clean blood circulation and enters the important organs of the brain, it can lead to shortness of breath, seizures even to death.

Here are some herbal medicinal herbs leak, among others:

1. Materials
– Betel leaves 3 sheets
– Steamed 17 seeds
– Onion 3 cloves
– White cumin 1/2 teaspoon
Peel and clean the onion and grate. After that boil all the ingredients into 3 glasses of water until the remaining half. Then lift and strain, drink 1/2 cup 3 times a day.

2. Materials
– Leaves 5 sheets
– Steamed 5 seeds
– 7 pieces of sticky leaf
– Cloves 5 seeds
Boil all ingredients using 3 glasses of water wait until boiling and half left. Then strain and chill, drink 3 times a day 1/2 cup.

3. Materials
– Black sugar cane 1 segment
– Steamed 7 seeds
Peel the black cane and then cut into small pieces, then boil all ingredients using 4 glasses of water wait until the remaining 3 glasses. Strain and chill. This herb can be drunk at any time of the day.

Heart leak symptoms:
– Rapid breathing and difficult eating and drinking
– Weight is difficult to ride
– There are frequent recurrent pulmonary infections
– There is cyanosis (lips, skin, and nails become pale and blue)
– Can not move / exercise as in general
– Heart rate is very tight when touching the left chest

Here are the efforts to prevent heart disease leak:
1. Prioritize pregnant women not to smoke and stay away from cigarette smoke.
2. Diligent to check its content.
3. Eat a healthy and nutritious food.
4. Avoid air pollution by wearing a mask if you have to get out of the house.

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Benefits of Pare for Health

In addition can be consumed as a vegetable, this plant is famous for use as herbal medicine in the community. Therefore we have summarized the efficacy and benefits of pare that was launched  Here are some points we’ve outlined from the page.

Pare benefit
1. For Diabetes

Are you diabetic? If true, you are on the right page. Pare has been shown to be an effective diabetes drug. Studies have shown that bitter melon is effective in reducing blood glucose levels in both animals and humans.
2. Fighting Cancer

Some of the content in bitter melon can be used to control the development of several types of cancer cells. In 2000, the researchers tested the ability of substances from bitter melon to fight cancer cell cells, especially breast cancer.
3. Eliminate Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Launched from the page , juice pare is very helpful to treat the swelling is also called hemorrhoids. This is because there is inflammation in the blood flow that is at the bottom of the rectum or anus. In addition to pare juice, pare root can also be used as a paste to treat hemorrhoids. The trick is to apply the paste to the anus that has swelling to reduce the pain.
4. Reduce itching of infections

Quoted from the page , pare has the ability to clean the blood. By using bitter melon, blood flow can be free from fungal infections so as to be able to reduce the itching of infected skin due to injury. The trick is to consume pare every morning before eating.
5. Treating Respiratory Conditions

In accordance with, pare can also be used to treat various respiratory problems. Among them are to treat respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, pharyngitis, and rhinitis. Use it at night before bed.
6. Helping Sight

Beta-carotene levels help to deal with eye problems.
7. Good for digestion

Pare has a quality that can to eliminate bowel problems if used regularly.
8. For Healthy Diet

Diet does not mean to starve is not it? Take advantage of pare for the diet because pare can be used to burn excessive calories and reduce fat in the stomach. Experts have recommended pare juice to burn fat in the body.
9. Skin Care

Pare can be used to treat skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. In addition, the benefits of bitter melon is to help keep skin shine and prevent acne.
10. Fight against HIV / AIDS

The most feared disease many people. Glycoprotein beta-momorcharin in pare helps to inhibit macromolecular synthesis in splenocytes, embryos, and tumor cells. These proteins help to inhibit HIV by disabling the ribosomes in HIV-infected cells by preventing protein synthesis and ultimately killing the contaminated cells.

How To Eliminate Bad Body Odor

To eliminate the odor due to sweat, it would be nice if you use some natural ingredients which of course is better and without until effect. Besides, natural materials that we will review this you can get in traditional market with low price. Nah, curious what are the materials in question? The following reviews for you.

Shower 2 times a day

Just like how to get rid of bad breath, the natural way to get rid of body odor first is to use water. Yep, you stay bathed regularly and use a scented bath soap. Afterwards, your body odor is guaranteed to disappear. That is the reason why people who are lazy to bathe become smelly. Conversely, people who diligently take a bath will smell even if not wear perfume. The savory smell is caused by water, water is a remarkable substance.

Betel leaf

Eliminate body odor can then use boiled water betel leaf drink. Yes, you can boil the betel leaves and drink it. Usefulness will be greater than just using it for bathing. You can drink boiled betel leaves (water) regularly in the morning and afternoon for maximum results. If you do not like the rancid taste, you can add honey or sugar water to taste.


Next, the tips to eliminate body odor using lime. How to? Take and cut the lime into several pieces and mix it with whiting. Next, apply the lemon to your armpits. Do it regularly so that body odor disappears. Not only in the armpit, you can also apply it to other body parts that cause odor.


Eliminate the next natural body odor by drinking boiled water cloves. Cloves contain powerful substances that eliminate body odor. Way, boil some grains of cloves until the fruit expands then mix a little sugar. Drink the solution regularly until your body odor is completely absent. You can also use cucumber to remove unpleasant odor on the body. The trick, cut pieces of cucumber and apply to parts of the body that has a bad odor. Do it regularly.

Basil leave

The next step to eliminate body odor is to use basil leaves. Basil has a refreshing fragrant aroma. You just eat regularly basil leaves. You can make it as fresh vegetables as usual. You can also eat it without anything. There are some recipes that process dun basil into basil agar. You need to try it to taste the different basil. How to make basil agar is quite easy. You just need to smooth some basil leaves, boil them, then mix them with jelly that has no taste (no taste). You can add sugar to your taste. Therefore, it can be used to remove body odor and underarms. In addition to eliminate body odor, it turns out basil trees can also for diabetes herbal medicine.


Eliminate the next body odor, you can also use ginger. Ginger you cut into several parts then rub into the body part that smells not like the armpits. Ginger can also be boiled to drink ginger boiled water. You can add sugar to taste sweet. You can drink this ginger herbs regularly let the maximum results. Finally, kecombrang or kecombrang leaves you can use to rub body parts smells unpleasant. Kecombrang leaves are pink leaves that taste sour, usually an additional ingredient to make vegetable salad.

Benefits of Sticky Tape for Health

One of the reasons that can make Indonesia’s state loved by people in the country to abroad is due to its culinary diversity. Culinary archipelago is famous for its distinctive taste, so different from the taste offered from culinary cuisine from other countries.

In general, various typical Indonesian food is made in the traditional way because it is considered to add flavor and aroma. Not only has a delicious flavor, some typical Indonesian food also has many benefits for the health of the body. Tape is one type of food that if consumed can provide many benefits for the health of the body.

Tape is a food produced from the fermentation process between carbohydrates with yeast. There are two types of tape, namely cassava tape and glutinous tape made with different components of food  Cassava tape made from fermentation between cassava with yeast, while glutinous tape made from fermentation of glutinous rice with yeast.

Then, sticky tape is divided into 2 types according to the glutinous rice color used is black sticky tape and glutinous tape. If you choose to make tape with white sticky rice, the result can into various colors according to taste, which is enough to cook sticky rice with food coloring.
Tape sticky rice rarely sold in the market because usually the people of Indonesia, especially the Javanese and Sundanese just make it to be presented at certain events such as wedding celebrations, village celebrations and thanksgiving events. Therefore, if you want to enjoy sticky tape should try to make it to add knowledge in the field of culinary. The following will be explained about the procedure of making glutinous tape according to what is analyzed
How To Make Sticky Tape For Health

First of all prepare some necessary ingredients such as sticky rice, yeast, banana leaf sugar and toothpick with adjusted amount.
Wash glutinous rice until clean and soak sticky rice into clean water for 8 hours.
Then, rinse again sticky rice that has been soaked with clean water and drain
Bowl sticky rice until half cooked by stirring it to mature evenly
Then, move to steam until cooked
Lift and pour the sticky rice on a tray / pan by flattening it to cool quickly
Once cool, add the finely crushed yeast and add enough sugar.
Do not forget to sprinkle it evenly.
Take a stick of sticky rice sufficiently to wrap with banana leaves and embed using a toothpick
In order to look more neat, banana scissors at the top to get the appropriate length of the size
Enter into a closed place and let stand for a few days (minimum 3 days)

What determines the success of making this tape is the process of fermentation, so it is advisable to use the yeast in the right amount and sprinkle it evenly. Another alternative can be applied by replacing banana leaves with plastic containers, if it is difficult to get a banana leaf. However, the resulting aroma and taste is different from the glutinous tape wrapped by banana leaves.

After already knowing how to make it, it feels less  if not yet know the benefits of tape sticky rice for health. To complete the information will be given the benefits of glutinous tape taken The content of lactic acid in glutinous tape is useful for boosting the immune system, lowering cholesterol levels and preventing the growth of cancer cells. In tape sticky rice there is a high iron content that can cure and prevent anemia disease. Glutinous tape also has a high fiber content that can be used to launch the digestive system. In addition, in sticky tape also has anti-inflammatory or anti-inflammatory properties, if consumed regularly can maintain skin health.

Benefits of Carambola for Health

Some people do not like starfruit to be eaten directly, so the star fruit is more processed into a variety of fresh drinks and also used as an addition to the components of taste in food. In fact, if reviewed furthermore star fruit has nutritional content that is not less good with other local fruit, so it is unfortunate if there are many people who do not like it.

This is evidenced by information The site revealed that in the star fruit there is a high vitamin C content of about 45% – 57%. In it also contains other nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, minerals, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, potassium, iron fiber and has content fitronutrien (acid error, epikatekin, quercetin). Star fruit also has a low calorie content because in 100 grams star fruit there are only 31 calories of calories.

Thanks to all the nutrients possessed by this star fruit, making this fruit has many benefits for the health of the body. For more details, let’s also refer to some of the benefits of starfruit for health consumption quoted from the site
8 Benefits of Belimbing For Body Health

Prevent the Growth of Cancer Cells
High vitamin C content in starfruit can be used to prevent the growth of cancer cells in the body.
Reduces Bad Cholesterol Levels In The Blood
The content of pectin substances in it has the ability to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood because pectin can bind bad cholesterol and remove bile acids as its secretion.
Launching the Digestive System
High fiber content in the fruit can help launch the digestive system in the body so free from the risk of constipation and constipation.
Maintaining Skin Health
The content of antioxidants in it that consists of flavonoids, vitamin E and vitamin A can maintain healthy skin with its role counteract the effects of free radical exposure to sunlight.
Maintaining Eye Health
Although star fruit does not have vitamin A content of high levels, but this fruit can also be consumed to maintain eye health and improve vision.
Preventing and Overcoming Anemia
Anemia is a disease caused by the body has less red blood cells. Consuming starfruit can be used as a solution because it contains iron that can be used to produce red blood cells in large quantities.
Can Lose Weight
Previously, it has been explained that star fruit is a fruit that has a small amount of calories that can lose weight and can be consumed as a complement to the healthy diet.
Boost the immune system
The content of vitamin C in it can boost the human immune system. This is because the high vitamin C content in star fruit can help the formation of white blood cells that function as an anti-immune or immune system.

Benefits of White Wood Oil

The eucalyptus tree oil, known as eucalyptus oil, is the result of distillation of leaves and twigs of eucalyptus trees. One of these essential oils is widely used for treatment thanks to the content contained in it. From the site, it is said that in the eucalyptus oil contain pinen, terpineol, cineol, velaraldyde, sequiterpene, pinocarveol, fenchen, butylaldehde and many more. In addition, eucalyptus oil also has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-septic properties. Therefore therapists assume that eucalyptus oil is one of the universal oils that can be used in pure form for adult skin.

Meanwhile, the use of pure white oil is not recommended for use on the skin of children and toddlers. This is because both children and toddlers have skin that is more sensitive than the skin of adults, especially their bodies also do not have a strong immune system or immune system to overcome the effects caused.

Once given information about eucalyptus oil, in this article will also be given information about the benefits of eucalyptus oil for body health. Like what is taken, here are some benefits of eucalyptus oil for body health.
5 Benefits Of White Wood Oil For Health

Relieves Dizziness / Headache
If the headache comes and the pain is very intense, this will inhibit the activity. To overcome it can be done by applying eucalyptus oil on the head with a gentle massage.
Overcoming Flu and Stuffy Nose
Because it has a distinctive aroma therapy eucalyptus oil can be used to cope with flu and nasal congestion, how to quite inhale the aroma of eucalyptus oil.
Can Overcome Travel Hangover
In order for the trip is not disturbed, you should apply eucalinity oil on the abdomen and inhale the aroma to overcome and prevent motion sickness.
Treating Cough
Eucalyptus oil can be used to treat cough, how to simply mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil into a glass of warm water then use the water to rinse. This method can also be done to relieve the throat.
Treating Toothache Dental Disease
Eucalyptus oil can also be used to treat toothache, the way is simply dripping eucalyptus oil in a small cotton, then insert the cotton in a hollow tooth.

Using eucalyptus oil is the right choice to overcome health problems for people who can not take drugs in tablets or capsules. If you have an allergy to the smell of eucalyptus oil should not use it. However, if in certain circumstances are forced to use it, you should not use pure white oils choose eucalyptus oil with a mixture of other scents to minimize the effects of allergies.

Benefits of Green Beans for Health

Everyone must be familiar with green beans, peanuts included in this type of legumes are quite popular in Indonesia. In addition, green beans themselves are widely consumed in a variety of tasty food preparations such as green beans porridge, green bean ice, green bean collards and much more.

Green bean plants grown by many farmers in Indonesia so it is quite easy to get it. Moreover, to get green beans will not drain the contents of the wallet because in the market the green beans are priced at quite cheap per kilo. Not only delicious for consumption, this type of nuts have many nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body.

In one grain of green beans contain nutrients such as protein, vitamin B complex, fiber, minerals, folic acid, carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium and many more. Imagine, if one green bean contains so many nutrients, then how much nutrition will be obtained by our body when consuming in large quantities.

Once explained about the nutritional content contained in green beans, on this occasion will also be given information about the benefits of green beans for health. Here are some benefits of green beans for body health, as for them are as follows:
7 Benefits of Green Beans for Health

Launching the Digestive System
Previously it was known that inside the green beans contained fiber. Fiber content is useful to nourish the digestive organs so that the digestive system in the body to be smooth.
Adding Energy
The content of fiber and carbohydrates in green beans can be used to increase the energy needed by the body, so the green beans can be processed into a healthy breakfast menu.
Lose weight
Green beans have low calorie content, so it can be used as one component of a healthy diet menu. In addition, green beans also have a filling properties and delay the hunger.
Good for Mom and Fetus
In the green beans contained folic acid and high calcium. Both of these contents have the ability to nourish the mother and fetus.
High Protein Sources
It is certain that green beans have a high protein content. When consumed regularly green beans can meet the protein intake required by the body.
Treat and Prevent Anemia
In the green beans contain a lot of iron. The iron content has the ability to help the formation of red blood cells so as to treat and prevent anemia.
Maintaining Skin Health
In the green beans also contain vitamin E which serves to maintain skin health by protecting the skin from the dangers of free radicals.

Benefits of Cassava

Most of the people of Indonesia must have known cassava. Yes, cassava is a food belonging to the tuber class. Cassava itself is also often called by the name of wooden tubers. This is because cassava is a bulb that is found at the base of the cassava tree trunk.

Besides can be processed into a variety of good foods such as cassava cassava, cassava compote, cassava tape, gethuk, samiler chips, jemblem, cassava chips etc. Cassava can also be processed into cassava flour. Typically, cassava flour is used to make a variety of traditional pastries and can also be used to make brownies cake. Not only that, because it contains 2 times more starch of potatoes, making cassava is consumed as a staple food of rice.
Cassava Picture

However, some people still think that cassava is a food village that does not have nutritional content. Yet if examined in more detail again, cassava belongs to a group of high nutritious foods. Instead, do not underestimate cassava before knowing the nutritional content and its benefits. reveals that inside cassava contain nutrients such as carbohydrate, protein, fiber, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B9, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, niacin, pyridoxine, thiamin, riboflavin, manganese, calcium, iron , Potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and zinc. [1]

After knowing the nutritional content contained in cassava, the next will also be given information about the benefits of cassava for the health of the body. Here are some of the benefits of cassava for the health of the body.
6 Benefits of Cassava

Energy sources
As mentioned earlier, cassava has 2 times more starch than potatoes, making it a food-boosting food thanks to complex carbohydrate sources. ‘

Streamlining the Digestive System
Inside cassava also contain fiber that plays a role to facilitate the digestive system, so that the digestive organs become healthier and avoid digestive problems such as difficult bowel movements, hemorrhoids, flatulence, constipation and so forth.

Good for Low Fat Diet
Although cassava has a high enough carbohydrate content, but cassava is a low-fat and low-cholesterol food that is suitable for consumption by those who are running low-fat diet. However, to run a low-fat diet is only recommended to consume cassava that has been boiled.

Preventing and Overcoming Anemia
The content of mineral components, including iron in the cassava role to help the process of formation of red blood cells so that the body avoid the problem of anemia or lack of blood.

Good Consumed By Diabetes Patients
Diabetics are advised to consume cassava instead of consuming rice. This is because cassava does not contain sugar content so it is safe consumed by people with diabetes (blood sugar disease).

Increase Appetite
Cassava has nutrients and complex carbohydrates that contribute to increasing appetite.