Certification Process SMK3 Manufacture Company and Contractor


SMK3 certification to be filed to go through several stages, namely: Company audit SMK3 petition to the Director General of Labor Inspection and the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration (if it is ready to do the audit SMK3) d / a Jend. Gatot Subroto No. 51 Jakarta.

  • Cc letter to the local Manpower Office where the company is located.
  • Cc letter to the certification body SMK3

SMK3 Certification Institute will provide a written response regarding the scheduling of the audit SMK3 as basic response to a request from the company.

SMK3 audit companies submitting required to have the document includes guidelines K3 K3 system, Procedures, Work Instructions, Forms. (Same as if applying 9001/14000/18001, etc.).

Konsultan Iso Di Indonesia, If the company has implemented the OHSAS 18001: 2007, the company only added a Cross Reference / matrix between OHSAS and PP 50 In 2012 the quality guidelines, add a reference PP 50 of 2012 on all procedures. OHSAS and SMK3 Permenaker 05/1996 have in common is almost 90%.

OHSAS 18001 is

Legal compliance  SMK3

P2K3 authorized the formation of the local Manpower office, employee health examination, certification of production equipment, identification of risks, internal audit SMK3, Management Review meetings, etc.

Issuance of Certificate SMK3

  • SMK3 Certification Institute just issued audit reports and recommendations by the audit firm achieving results as the basis for issuance of the certificate.
  • Issuance of certificates carried out by the Ministry of Manpower RI and signed by the Minister of the minister of Indonesia for a validity period of 3 years.
  • Surveillance SMK3 is optional (option) if the company requires.
  • The certificate in state ceremonial events (with RI1 or RI2, minimal Minister of Manpower and Transmigration).
  • Issued a certificate by the Ministry of RI at the request of the customer’s business requirements / tender, while awaiting publication by the Ministry of RI.

stages of Audit

  • Pre-audit ( Diagnostic Assessment)

Pre-audit is optional (option) , made for the acquisition of a more optimal results prior to final audit SMK3, so there is time for companies doing repairs on audit findings. Conducted over two (2) days with two auditors.

  • SMK3 External Audit (Final Assessment )

Conducted to see the level of achievement SMK3 implementation in the organization. The audit carried out during the three (3) days with two auditors.

Audit fees SMK3:

Pre-Audit Fees or SMK3 External Audit will be presented, with the first convey information:

  • Total manpower
  • Number of locations Audit and luasannya
  • Scope of Activities


  • For the application of the 0-59% level of achievement in the category of coaching.
  • For the application of the 60-84% level of achievement awarded a certificate and silver flag.
  • For the application of 85-100% level of achievement were awarded certificates and gold flag.

Preparations to be made for the certification process SMK3 

  • Formation Committee P2K3 where his team consisting of a President (the highest leadership in the workplace), Secretary (must be qualified AK3) and representative members of each work unit.
  • Endorsement P2K3 by Manpower local area.
  • Meeting activities P2K3.
  • P2K3 reporting to the office local area.
  • SMK3 Awareness Training.
  • Documentation Training SMK3 (for the purposes of preparation, K3 Policy, SMK3 Guidelines, Procedures, Work Instructions and Forms)
  • Documentation SMK3 socialization.
  • Equipping emergency response vehicle (Provision of fire protection devices, evacuation, etc.)
  • Establishment of the Emergency Response Team
  • Training of emergency response teams (fire & P3K)
  • Emergency Response Simulation (Subject potential identification)
  • Preparation of Teams of hazard identification, assessment and control of risk (IBPPR) / risk management
  • Training IBPPR / risk management
  • Preparation of IBPR
  • Identification of Relevant Legislation
  • Certification of production facilities and personnel licenses referring to the legislation which has been identified
  • Making the program SMK3
  • Implementation of workplace inspections (Use Checklist)
  • Implementation of Medical Examination of employees (early admission (if there is a new employee), periodic, special)
  • Monitoring at Work (such as noise, lighting, work climate, chemistry, etc.)
  • Establishment of the Internal Audit Team
  • Internal Audit Training SMK3
  • Implementation of Internal Audit
  • K3 performance report generation (related accidents and severity)
  • SMK3 management review meeting
  • Implementation of Diagnostic Assessment (DA’s initial assessment) if necessary
  • Response results DA
  • Final Audit SMK3