Choose An Electronic Bill For Gas Taxes

Choose An Electronic Bill For Gas Taxes

The electronic bill is sent free of charge via e-mail from your provider; in many cases, electronic bills can also be consulted on your carrier’s website, at no additional cost. To send paper bills a monthly contribution is instead required that increases the amount of the bill up to 12 Euros a year. Also, as for the method of payment, some of the best offers simply for the sending bills electronically.

Taking advantage of bonuses and promotions

In the gas supply choice cheapest, do not overlook any promotions and additional services often make the difference, as in the case of combined supply of gas and electricity, the latest generation of boilers rate in the bill or payment systems via tablets and smartphones Some companies provide additional bonuses and special packages for those who change supply gas at once and light the large suppliers are now able to offer customers both gas services both electricity and, when combined, can lead to further reductions in the bill with respect to individual components.

Bonus Gas for numerous famiflie

Large families and low income are entitled to the gas bonus, for a discount varying amounts introduced by the government, and reserved for families with ISEE not exceeding 7,500 Euros, and families with more than three dependent children and ISEE not exceeding 20 thousand euro . Once you have verified that you have the requirements, you must submit the application to their municipality of residence on the forms. For direct customers, ie heating, the bonus is paid directly into 12 bills after filing of the application. For indirect customers, or with heating system, the bonus is paid in a lump sum by domiciled bank transfer, to be collected at a post office.

Price blocked, indexed or all inclusive

On the market there calling plans locked price, indexed and fixed. All three solutions have advantages and disadvantages allows to know consciously make the choice that best suits their needs. Price blocked the vendor sets a price which remains unchanged for the duration of the contract, usually one or two years. At the end of the period, the manager will make a new offer to the customer, who can accept or change supplier. The blocked-price offers put away the customer from possible gas price fluctuations for the duration of the contract, which means that any price increases will not be affected, nor will benefit from possible declines. Price index the price of gas changes as the cost of raw materials.

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