Classic Or Trendy, That’s All Kinds Of Bags You Know Them All

Classic Or Trendy, That’s All Kinds Of Bags You Know Them All

Classic or trendy Here is what are the types of Borsea Which usually you does not give a specific name, but in fact Also differ from the way we talk about it. Let’s see what are the models of bags That can not miss in the wardrobe.

How many times have you heard uttering incomprehensible words to your friends while showing you Their latest purchase For some, a bag is a bag, for others it takes a different name Depending on the model. Let’s find out what are the names of the best selling handbags and popular of all time, but let’s start with something pretty obvious.


Some do not carry mostly from school, but the backpack, never outdated, may evidence to be a panacea for Those such as walking a short walk or use a bike. No doubt it is more suited to a casual wear, given its sporty and youthful character.


It is called this way Because it looks like a shopping bag. It has a very boxy shape, exactly rectangular, and you can use it in all informal occasions, Although there are beautiful made with fine leathers on the market.


It is never out of fashion and one of the most Purchased Surely is to Louis Vuitton, Followed closely by the beautiful Candy Furla. This bag is hand door with a double handle, but Often it is Also equipped with shoulder strap.


Remember the old letters envelopes, both for its shape and for its opening on the top. The ideal accessory for the office, even though we women we would bring, However, another bag with everything we needed However Also at work.

The most famous bucket excellence Is that of Louis Vuitton and is called This Way Because it really has the shape of a bucket-to-wear.

These many people confused with shoppers for its size. As the shopper in fact has a double handle, it has to Generally rectangular shape and is open on top, why not all women like.


Also the Hobo is very large but it has a half-moon shape That makes it easy to wear it on Their shoulders in winter When We wear bulky coats.

It is used almost Exclusively in the evening and on formal occasions. It ‘very small and did not handle, so it’s held in his hands. It may be flexible or rigid.