Complications in Pregnancy

Every woman craves the presence of the baby as a complement to family happiness. Let alone wait a year after marriage, just 2 weeks of marriage just late menstruation immediately thumped heart because too want to immediately rock the baby. The child is a gift from God who becomes the next generation of the family. Thus, it becomes self-sadness when declared unable to conceive or have offspring.

However, not only that. When the time is pregnant women are often faced with anxiety with the condition of the fetus in the stomach. Pregnancy is an important time for fetal growth, so in addition to physical readiness, mental readiness is also needed to get a healthy pregnancy. That’s why women should start preparing not only during pregnancy but before pregnancy because it is very important to avoid things that are not desirable during pregnancy, such as complications in pregnancy.

Complications in pregnancy are of course very dangerous not only for the mother but also the fetus that is in the womb. To that end, the prospective mother should have knowledge about pregnancy and also complications that accompany it so that can get immediate treatment if there is a problem pregnancy. Some of the most common compilations of pregnancy include:

Miscarriage; Many women experience miscarriage not just once, and some even more than three miscarriages. All women will experience sadness until trauma due to miscarriage, especially if required dikuret, pain experienced can exceed the pain of childbirth. What exactly causes pregnancy to have a miscarriage? Miscarriage is the failure of pregnancy before entering the age of 20 weeks, usually marked with spots to bleeding. Many factors that trigger a miscarriage, including: heavy activity during pregnancy, stress, virus, infection, weak uterus, and others. Miscarriages occur repeatedly should be taken seriously to get the solution as soon as possible. That’s why when a woman who has experienced a miscarriage when she finally gets pregnant again must be in the handling of doctors in order to continue to monitor the development of the fetus in the stomach and can minimize the occurrence of miscarriage back.

Pre-eclampsia; Pre-eclampsia is a pregnancy accompanied by an increase in maternal blood pressure. Pre eclampsia is usually characterized by symptoms: dizziness, elevated blood pressure, fireflies, swelling in some parts of the body, and others. Generally, pregnancy with this complication will make the mother give birth by Caesarean.

Ectopic pregnancy; A pregnancy that occurs when the fetus develops outside the womb. This condition is rare but very harmful to the fetus if it occurs because the fetus can develop well if it is in the womb by getting various nutrients that will help it develop when he is safe in his mother’s womb. So, this ectopic pregnancy not only makes the fetus not grow but also makes it can not last long.

Bleeding; Will surely panic to see the blood while being pregnant. This blood can be considered normal if it does not happen continuously, but it would be very dangerous if excessive blood, smell, and continue to appear. Pregnant women who experience bleeding should be vigilant because the bleeding that occurs during pregnancy lasts, usually will lead to miscarriage. But other than that the mother who was pregnant or have given birth also need to be aware of bleeding because it could be a symptom of cancer.

Placenta previa; Conditions that occur in pregnancy, where the placenta is in a position to close the cervix so that if not treated properly it will cause bleeding. If this happens should pregnant women immediately go to the doctor to get a serious treatment.

Gestational diabetes; The condition of pregnancy coupled with the rising blood sugar of the mother so that this risk of causing the baby born with more weight and at risk of suffering from diabetes. This condition can be minimized with the appropriate dietary recommendation for the doctor’s blood sugar can be reduced even back to normal.