Cool Shopping Bag For Shopping

Cetak shopping bag – Shopping is something that is close to life, whether it’s shopping in large quantities or just buy one item. It’s no secret that shopping, let alone shopping monthly, must be synonymous with the use of so many plastic bags. In fact, a new plastic bag can decompose after hundreds of years and when it is produced is very spent energy.

Consider, plastic bags are rarely used when you visit developed countries. That’s because they already know the negative impact on the environment. As a result, the use of paper bags became a solution. Although paper bags are much easier to decompose and can be recycled, to make paper bags have to sacrifice trees. Yes, arguably the solution is still the responsibility.

For that, born a special shopping bag aka shopping bag that can be used many times to bring your goods. The design is so good that we will not be shy and embarrassed when using it. Well, here are some reference shopping bags that you can use when shopping. Come on, listen.

Parachute Stitching Bag
You could say, this one shopping bag most closely resembles the bag keresek. Made of parachute with various colors and motifs, this shopping bag is present in Indonesia with a relatively cheap price to be affordable by many people. Fear quickly torn or damaged? Relax, the famous parachute material is strong and safe if exposed to water! Though the pieces are similar to a keresek bag, it’s guaranteed when you bring and use them to a shopping mall, people will not look at them as dingy keresek bags! All kinds of groceries, such as vegetables, fruits, groceries to other small to medium sized tools, you can put in this casual shopping bag!

Cart bags
Use of shopping bag is suitable for you who are too tired to carry groceries. If it can be encouraged or withdrawn, why should it be carried, right? The parachute or canvas bag usually has four to six wheels with a place for push or pull hands. Your grocery items are relatively safe because the trolley bag has a cover. If you want to shop for goods that are quite a lot and heavy, it is better to use a trolley bag instead of you using a cardboard. Moreover, you went alone and no one helped bring the goods. Pushing or pulling groceries with a trolley bag is much more practical.

“Tote Bag” Made from Canvas or “Metallic Matinee”
One more shopping bag that you can make an option, namely a tote bag. This bag is popular among young people is quite effective to reduce the use of plastic bags Well, although the most widely circulated tote bag is a tote bag made from canvas, but still there is one more material that looks more elegant, the material metallic matinee. One famous brand from England issued a shopping bag shaped tote bag with basic materials metallic matinee. This one tote bag does not even look like a simple casual tote bag and is perfect for you who always want to look “classy”. From the material alone, can not guess if the price is expensive tote bag?