Cute Nail Ideas for Daily Activity

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As girls, it is normal when we want to represent ourselves as nice looking, cute, friendly, fun and up to date. No matter how those categories being interpreted by different people, but one rising style that we want to point out now is the nail arts. Apart from the reason that this style has being pin up by many celebrities and by the help of social media like instagram, nail art is already well known for decades. Nail decoration has always been a way to catch attention, flaunt the beauty, and add beauty point to one. Some nails designs are interesting for girls such as the cute nail ideas and the matte coloring. You can express your personal preferences while decorating your own nails.

As for daily activity, most of us would like to be mobile, dynamic and ready to do anything, so one of the things about appearance maybe would align more on the practical function of style. But it doesn’t mean you cannot do your nail and looking as ready as you are when it comes to help friends doing the home project, or rushing to catch the train. Some ideas of simple nail work can be seen in many samples you can Google easily. We personally love the simple acrylic nail ideas in matte colors and decorated by simple painting like turtle, rabbit or other simple decoration. Glitter nails are nice especially for evening event, while for the daytime, we suggest the combination with light color base. Light color base would make your nails looking light and simple without too much decoration. It would also avoid the possibility of the nail to get scratch when you do your activity. Of course you cannot do exercise or go to gym with caviar coated or crystals topped nails. It would look cute, but not practical.

As for the evening activity you still can keep the light decorated but the glitter nails with the combination of glossy dark nail polish would do you a favor. The party and dinner shall be the perfect event to flaunt your glossy and glittery nails. Cute nail ideas can represent your personality based on your preference. It would form your identity as a bubbly, fun, and friendly personality. if we can have a favorite, we really find it cute some nails painted with Totoro character from Studio Ghibli manga collection (or generally the cartoon character), why not trying your own?
how to remove acrylic nails at home


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