Efficacy Pandan leaves for Health, Anything?

According to research recently conducted and published to the media, was the efficacy of pandan leaves to maintain health are numerous, ranging from hair and skin health, psychological health to the body. Some properties pandan leaves for health are:
Sedative. Fragrant aroma and fragrance of the fragrant pandan leaves can be used as aromatherapy to soothe nerve cells after day activities.
Eliminates dandruff and black hair. The use of fragrant pandan leaves or pandan suji for removal of dandruff or hair penghitam by mashing up subtle pandan leaf is then used as a mask scalp.
Appetite enhancer. Fragrant pandan leaves that have been brewed with boiling water and then drunk while warm. Aroma and freshness of fragrant pandan leaves will be able to increase appetite.
Rheumatism and stiff. Red fruit that comes from pandan stiff contained in the Papua region, it can be used to treat rheumatism and stiff, and improve the health and vitality.
Lowering high blood pressure. Issued scent fragrant pandan leaves when used as aroma theraphy will make nerve cells are strained to relax and consequently high blood pressure can be prevented.
Realizing that many properties of fragrant pandan leaves, pandan pandan suji or rigid to health, it is better if the house began to be planted around perkarangan with pandan leaves. Who knows when necessary and do not have to bother looking for it.