Emporio Armani, Identity Required

Emporio Armani, Identity Required

The caption that explains the collection of Emporio Armani Spring  Summer 2017, is a fingerprint that name not because it refers to digital technology but because it is the index mark that identifies each person differently. It is therefore a recognition request and uniqueness that Giorgio Armani wants to emphasize with a collection that browsed the formality and urban style, the sporty look, even competition, and the renewal of a divided youth that goes up to put the black tie on white shirt paired with bermuda shorts in technical fabric.

A path that Giorgio Armani explains Today more than ever it is important to reaffirm their identity. In the confusion that exists, in pursuing stories that are created with a word of mouth, it is important to reaffirm their identity http://kacamata.us. Digital imprint that I printed on T-shirts is nothing but the application of a unique personality. Throughout the collection there is a desire not extravagance, not to embarrass those who you red guarda.Il is a magical color because like black creates a point of attention. I tried to eliminate all there in more, everything that diverts attention abbot .

And all this out of jackets, pants and red shoes. A Red Armani very much alive, lit, used to this young man who travels to the city and for the world to stand out. And in this way he confirms Armani himself and his Emporio as a part of his world that looks to the renewal always reiterating its absolute uniqueness. fashion Prada continues purely civilian job that calls not to give in to what seems inevitable, in quell’appiattimento to the cultural trends which give up the discovery to take refuge in the safety of Cosi fan tutte.

changes in transition. Salvatore Ferragamo faces the first show after the change of creative direction and, after the release of Massimiliano Giornetti, office style gives the task of inaugurating the new course. That is not only creative but also business model that the new CEO, Eraldo Poletto (ex Furla) must focus, confirming the inherited successes and predict other future.
This aspect should therefore be considered the men’s Spring  Summer 2017 Ferragamo, as perhaps was to be expected, is very focused on accessories providing, perhaps for the first time, a development of men’s bags.Which start from a backpack, almost a second home to carry on his shoulders, able to collect a lot of what it takes to the male figure that suggests the clothing collection.

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