Fresh ‘n Rebel Presents The New version Of The Auction Selfie Wireless Stick # 2

Fresh ‘n Rebel Presents The New version Of The Auction Selfie Wireless Stick # 2

I approached cautiously to this object, a little ‘to general skepticism, a little’ because the selfie handsfree has meaning, poetic, natural, almost primitive. Oh well: ramblings.

But then curiosity prevailed, partly because the supply of sticks sold by tarot patrons would not take even consider, while a product of quality and interesting technical features could introduce me to opportunities and prospects of photographic production that were unknown to me.

Needless to say, the ratio of use with the camera is now 90 to 10 unbalanced to the detriment of the same, and then let’s also use the smartphone as well as possible.

The Wireless Selfie Stick # 2 of the Fresh ‘n Rebel is a really good product that goes to update the older version with a number of interesting features starting with the coupling system of the smartphone that now can support heavy objects up to 500g. Sure, smartphones over 200 grams practically do not exist, but in the case of a bumper with battery and / or gusts of wind at the seaside we can certainly rest easy that everything will go smoothly and our phone will remain securely fitted with the maximum extension of ‘ auction.

So here is the auction. Even this improved strength, now offers well 6 elements with telescopic function bearing the extension of up to 80 cm., While in native mode with all elements stored in the main compartment of the carrier telescopic, it all comes down to just 19 cm. and then easily into your briefcase.

The auction also features a comfortable strap designed for quick portability but also for the management in continuity when it becomes uncomfortable place it in the bag and then take it back several times in a relatively short period of time.

This product connects only via bluethoot, so no need to insert uncomfortable and cumbersome cables to ensure connectivity between the buttons of the auction and our smartphone.

The auction is in fact a device with their transmission capacity and receptive and should be coupled with our smartphone immediately after ignition. The name that appears as an apparatus bluethoot available on your smartphone is very simple: SELFIE STICK. Just coupled will be a breeze to take pictures by pressing the main button that emulates the buttons of various photo app installed on board the smartphone.

We tried the auction with several phones (iphone, lumia, galaxy and xperia). No compatibility problems with the bluethoot or installed apps.

In all tests, once you turn the Wireless Selfie Stick # 2 and pressed the button for 2 seconds, we had immediate availability of the connection. Start the app otherwise it was as easy as drinking a glass of water.

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