Frozen Food endanger Heart, Myth or Fact?

Food frozen generally contains saturated fat and cholesterol. You should try not to take it or even put it in the refrigerator.

Quoted Boldsky , here are five list of the frozen food that you should stay away from. Otherwise, the threat of cardiovascular disease that is synonymous with the heart closer to yourself in the future.


Children love to eat nuggets. It was indeed tempting, arousing appetite. Whereas frozen nuggets contain trans fats that are harmful to the body, because it triggers a blockage of blood flow.

French fries

Frozen fried potatoes have a high concentration of salt, calories and fat. So, be careful not to take it from now on.

frozen bread

Although you store frozen bread made from wheat, still should not be consumed. Bread contains yeast which should not be frozen. If the stomach can not accept frozen bread, there was indigestion such as heartburn.

Frozen processed meat

Some types of frozen processed meats like bacon, corned beef, smoke beef, ground beef, and other not too often consumed. All contain ingredients that are harmful to health preservation in the long run.

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