High Blood Traditional Medicine

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition of a person’s blood pressure above normal. A person can be said to be high blood (hypertension) if the systolic and diastolic measurements are above the range of 140/90 mmHg or more continuously. According to WHO one can be said to have high blood if blood pressure is equal to or more than 160/95 mmHg. High blood (hypertension) is a major factor causing vascular disease such as stroke, chronic kidney, heart failure, etc.
High Blood Traditional Medicine

Continuous consumption of antihypertensive chemicals is also not good for your health. Because long-term use of drugs is likely to cause side effects. Therefore you should use traditional high blood medicine such as:
1. Leaves Salam
Benefits: can lower high blood and cholesterol and can lower blood sugar levels.
2. Seaweed
Benefits: can normalize blood pressure, prevent atherosclerosis and can lower cholesterol.
3. Cucumber
Benefits: Cucumber contains high levels of potassium minerals that are useful for reducing high blood pressure and can reduce kidney stones.
4. Cantaloupe
Benefits: cantaloupe has the same properties as cucumbers that reduce high blood pressure and reduce kidney stones.
5. Mengkudu
Benefits: can lower high blood pressure, lower cholesterol high, and lower blood sugar levels.
6. Black Meeting
Benefits: can smooth circulation and liquefy blood clots and can neutralize toxins in the body.
7. Garlic
Benefits: can lower high blood pressure, high cholesterol and destroy blood clots.
8. Onion Bombay
Benefits: onions have the same properties as garlic.

Some signs of high blood symptoms include:
– Headache
– Dizzy
– Bleeding from the nose
– Face redness
– Fatigue

There are also several causes of high blood:

The older a person’s age the higher the risk of high blood pressure. Older people are usually more at risk of having high systolic pressure. This is due to the hardening of blood vessels.
Heredity factor (genetic)

High blood pressure (hypertension) can be caused by heredity. If in your family there is a high blood then you should be more careful with a healthy lifestyle.

Men have a higher risk of suffering from high blood disease than women. However, it does not mean women are also not likely to get high blood pressure. For that note your diet.

Obesity is one cause of high blood. Therefore, you should have an ideal body weight to prevent high blood pressure.
Consume Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol will adversely affect your health.

Stress can also be one of the reasons why a person suffers from high blood pressure. For that avoid stress triggers and make yourself relax.
Use of Contraception

The use of contraceptive pills will increase your risk of high blood pressure. Therefore before you use the contraceptive pill should consult a doctor first.
Consume Continuous Drugs

Continuous use of colds and allergies can also cause high blood pressure.
Being lazy

Lazy not only makes the waist wider but also can increase the risk of high blood.

Well, for those of you who have high blood to be more careful and more attention to your diet. Apply a healthy lifestyle to you and your family.