How Earn Fashion Bloggers The Story of Danielle and 15 Thousand Dollars in Photos

How Earn Fashion Bloggers The Story of Danielle and 15 Thousand Dollars in Photos

How to earn the fashion blogger This is a question that many have set in recent years in view of the success we have enjoyed. They post photos on their blogs or on Instagram pages and manage to earn quite a lot ‘of pennies. No magic, just a new way of doing business.

Danielle Bernstein is definitely among the richest blogger in the world. What We Wore we manage and its site has been able to reach an incredible success Has a million followers and, in a recent interview with the magazine Harper’s Bazaar, she said

For a click on Instagram I ask between 5 thousand and 15 thousand dollars, but in ten days will reach one million fans and I can ask a good amount more.

Of course not all bloggers are dear like Bernstein, but it seems that the basic figures are circumventing between $ 500 to $ 5 thousand to post. In short, what are you waiting to start a blog But be careful it is not a walk, in fact, it takes perseverance. The greatest risk is to start the work with enthusiasm and poi..abbandonarla after a few months.

Zaryana, the model with the longest hair in the world

Zaryana Milan, the model with the longest hair in the world. It is 23 years old, is of Caucasian origin and has a 175 cm long hair, a characteristic that has led it to be highly sought after and above all, photogenic.

Cannes, heel 12 dictatorship if you are not high you’re out. But do not tell Isabella Rossellini

And ‘the women’s festival Provided heeled 12. Rules are rules and Montee must be respected above all elegance and patience if the dancers have with brilliant and cost 1000 Euros, is the height that counts. Jump to talk about gender equity, in a little ‘on the red carpet after no selfies there must be the sign no pants, no pants for women. The issue in Cannes is mounting, it is spoken, and the festival has some returning embarrassed to regulations and protocol. Here are the facts the evening of the beautiful Carol Todd Haynes to some agee ladies going up the Montee elegant but at the foot of the dancers was pointed out and the rumors say, unable to continue on the steps of the world’s most photographed, requesting them to use the staircase of the invited mortals. Open yourself rightly sky.

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