How Earthquake in Nepal Could Happen?

Earthquake kit list –┬áSaturday (24/4) before noon in Nepal, a piece of slab beneath the Earth’s surface shifted. As a result, the shift shock wave release on the explosion as 20 thermonuclear weapons and a ‘rip off the Kathmandu Valley.

In Geological sciences 7.9-magnitude earthquake that destroyed ritcher Nepal and the worst in the last 81 years like clockwork spinning. Most powerful earthquake in the region last occurred in 1934.

According to the Nepal National Society for Earthquake Technology. Could have predicted some time earlier. Therefore, the area known as the Indus-Yarlung sewing zone experiencing ritcher scale 8 earthquake every 75 years.

How Earthquake in Nepal Could Happen?
The reason is the irregular movement of the fault line that runs along the border in southern Nepal, where the Indian plate collided with the Eurasian plate between 40 million to 50 million years ago.

“Collisions between plates in India and Eurasia is a showcase for geology. For slab India was pushing its way northward toward Asia about five centimeters per year. Geologically it is moving very fast,” said the expert of Geophysics at the University of Hong Kong, Lung S .Chan.

Because of constantly moving, so that these plates cause friction to build up energy like a ‘crust’ fragmented, said Dr Chan, who is also comparing this earthquake like the explosion of thermonuclear weapons.

According to him, Nepal is prone to earthquakes, not only because the big buck that occurs due to the collision of tectonic, but also the type of fault lines in the country.

Normal course of events, when there is friction would create a normal room when the ground cracks, while in Nepal one tectonic plate buck was actually standing above the others and includes the most.

The most visible of these is the impact of the Himalayas. Slab of constant friction between India and Eurasia pushed up to a peak altitude of about one centimeter per year.

“In the case of the quake, the friction is moving about two meters,” said Hongfeng Yang, a seismologist at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Despite the regularity appears from a severe earthquake in Nepal, it is impossible to predict when another one will occur. However, historical records and modern measurement of tectonic plate movement shows that if pressure builds in the region in a manner that is generally consistent and homogeneous,

Thus, the region could be severe earthquake is predicted to occur every four to five decades, said Dr. That.

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