How To Eliminate Bad Body Odor

To eliminate the odor due to sweat, it would be nice if you use some natural ingredients which of course is better and without until effect. Besides, natural materials that we will review this you can get in traditional market with low price. Nah, curious what are the materials in question? The following reviews for you.

Shower 2 times a day

Just like how to get rid of bad breath, the natural way to get rid of body odor first is to use water. Yep, you stay bathed regularly and use a scented bath soap. Afterwards, your body odor is guaranteed to disappear. That is the reason why people who are lazy to bathe become smelly. Conversely, people who diligently take a bath will smell even if not wear perfume. The savory smell is caused by water, water is a remarkable substance.

Betel leaf

Eliminate body odor can then use boiled water betel leaf drink. Yes, you can boil the betel leaves and drink it. Usefulness will be greater than just using it for bathing. You can drink boiled betel leaves (water) regularly in the morning and afternoon for maximum results. If you do not like the rancid taste, you can add honey or sugar water to taste.


Next, the tips to eliminate body odor using lime. How to? Take and cut the lime into several pieces and mix it with whiting. Next, apply the lemon to your armpits. Do it regularly so that body odor disappears. Not only in the armpit, you can also apply it to other body parts that cause odor.


Eliminate the next natural body odor by drinking boiled water cloves. Cloves contain powerful substances that eliminate body odor. Way, boil some grains of cloves until the fruit expands then mix a little sugar. Drink the solution regularly until your body odor is completely absent. You can also use cucumber to remove unpleasant odor on the body. The trick, cut pieces of cucumber and apply to parts of the body that has a bad odor. Do it regularly.

Basil leave

The next step to eliminate body odor is to use basil leaves. Basil has a refreshing fragrant aroma. You just eat regularly basil leaves. You can make it as fresh vegetables as usual. You can also eat it without anything. There are some recipes that process dun basil into basil agar. You need to try it to taste the different basil. How to make basil agar is quite easy. You just need to smooth some basil leaves, boil them, then mix them with jelly that has no taste (no taste). You can add sugar to your taste. Therefore, it can be used to remove body odor and underarms. In addition to eliminate body odor, it turns out basil trees can also for diabetes herbal medicine.


Eliminate the next body odor, you can also use ginger. Ginger you cut into several parts then rub into the body part that smells not like the armpits. Ginger can also be boiled to drink ginger boiled water. You can add sugar to taste sweet. You can drink this ginger herbs regularly let the maximum results. Finally, kecombrang or kecombrang leaves you can use to rub body parts smells unpleasant. Kecombrang leaves are pink leaves that taste sour, usually an additional ingredient to make vegetable salad.