How to Get iTunes Gift Card (IGC) Free AppStore

How Can iTunes Gift Card AppStore – Apple is a brand that produces a variety of electronic devices and the most popular is the iPhone smartphone and iPad. And both devices are only produced by Apple, there is no other brand that produces it. For users of Apple devices ranging from smartphones and Tablet certainly know iTunes Gift Card or often in short (IGC) is. to iTunes itself an official from the iOS app store. iTunes can also be called by the AppStore.

Not much different from the Google Play Store’s android, iTunes also provides applications both free and paid. iTunes also provides a menu to redeem the code with the balance, where the balance is used to purchase paid apps on iTunes without having to cut credit and our credit card. Vouncher code in more familiar Apple called iTunes Gift Card (IGC).

There are several ways that can be done to get this IGC, such as the purchase directly online on the Internet. But of course the way it requires money which the price is quite varied, ranging ratuasn of thousands to millions of rupiah. But calm, because on this occasion we will share information about how to get free iTunes codes without being in charge. This method is considered very easy and you can get a code vouncher IGC every day, and most importantly is FREE.

However, because this way free, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill. The requirement that must have android smartphone, because here using a moneymaker in the Android app. The application named whaff Rewards and only available on android smartphone. This application actually generate dollars, the dollar could we change with the IGC. For those of you who own android smartphone and want to get a balance in the iOS AppStore for free just follow the steps below.

How to Get Voucher iTunes Gift Card Code (IGC)

  1. Open PlayStore from your android, and then find the application whaff Rewards. Having met pairs as usual, wait for the download is complete.
  2. Open the application whaff Rewards, just log in directly with your Facebook account.
  3. You will then be prompted to enter the invite code. Fill in with the code “AY94488”, where by entering the code you can direct the first dollar of $ 0.30. Without the code then your balance remains $ 0 and step 3 appears only once, so do not miss out.
  4. Following that do some steps to get a dollar, like the entrance to a Premium Picks, download and run the existing applications. There was also a whaff Picks and also presence every day. In addition you can also invite others to join to whaff with a commission of $ 0.30. The bottom line dollars to collect a minimum of $ 12.
  5. After whaff balance reaches $ 12, the next step of the dollar redeem iTunes Gift Card. It is very easy. Select the “Payments” select iTunes (Min. $ 12). then press the “Request”
  6. Wait within 1-3 days until voucher code appears, remember Saturday week does not count. (Generally within 1 business day course code already appeared). To check the code can be tough on the “History Rewards” >> “Check code Gift”. If the code is already out, note the code.
  7. This is a step that most in waiting. Once the code is already in the grip, grab your Apple smartphone, go directly to the AppStore.
  8. Go to the bottom exactly in the “Redeem, or Swap” and enter the following code in the appropriate column.
  9. Now the balance of $ 10 has been entered into your AppStore account, safely and simply use the shopping application that so far you want.

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Those are some steps you should take to get the code voucher IGC. A step above in need of patience, especially in collecting dollars whaff. Bottom line whaff the more dollars you get, you can get the balance of the IGC with a large number. If there’s still confused, just ask in the comments field below. Quite so hopefully reference to the IGC How Free iOS and Work.

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