How to overcome the stubborn acne

There is no doubt if the acne is the most annoying enemy, because acne is very disturbing appearance. Both men and women will feel this, anyways who wants to face kerawatan? ,, For groups of teenagers who are under the age of puberty, acne is easier to appear and often will ruin the mood.

 Acne is actually not a problem that can be ignored, because mishandling may instead result in permanent scars on the face. It is now not a few drugs or creams that can be obtained To overcome the stubborn acne problems like this. Unfortunately, choosing acne medication is also not easy for some people. In addition to the drug sometimes not effective for stubborn acne, it can even cause side effects. It is usually experienced by women who have sensitive skin of acne drug material.
how to deal with recalcitrant acne

The best way to overcome the problem of acne is using natural means.

Because the causes of acne can be just like perched on the face you because diet and lifestyle factors. And a natural way to get rid of acne is by paying attention to the food we dikonsumsi.Walaupun you routinely use chemotherapy to treat acne, if you do not do the following things it would not be much help. Acne may be lost, but soon will come to recognize. The fear is the side effects that can cause permanent scars. Here are some tips:

Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits

The first thing that can be done is by increasing the consumption of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables and cereals. One factor appears acne is due to excess oil on the skin . For healthy food will help to reduce oil production in the skin . Vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables can make the skin more healthy, thus the fewer acne have a reason to grow your .

Avoid fatty foods

Saturated fats are consumed with food will aggravate acne. So for those of you who often consume fried foods , should avoid these foods. Other materials are high in saturated oils that must be reduced is eating too many foods made cheese and butter.

Drink enough water so as not to become dehydrated

The most important thing is to avoid the body so as not to become dehydrated. At least drink 8 to 9 glasses of water a day, or read: The size of the correct drinking water . Dehydration can make skin pores become clogged, and this will open wide opportunities for acne to grow. and this can increase the likelihood of the formation of acne. Getting enough water every day will keep the skin moisture is maintained properly.

Increase physical activity

Sports or physical exercise will burn fat in the body, so that we do not to store excess fat behind the folds of the skin. Sports will allow the body to sweat, thus dilated pores and further reduced the chances for blockage. Overall the best exercise will keep your metabolism by the body, so that all health problems will be increasingly reluctant to approach you.

So by eating a healthy diet, the body will get adequate nutrition. And in the end the stubborn acne will not go back again landed on the face you.

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