How To Overcome Water Pollution: Starting From Yourself

Water is a necessary component of human life. According Kodoatie (2008) “Water is the source of life. All creatures need water. The availability of water in terms of quality and quantity absolutely necessary “. Indonesia is an archipelago country, so it is mostly covered in oceans. Although composed of water, the condition is still not utilized properly by the people of Indonesia. In contrast, the majority of Indonesian people abusing the waters by pollute san francisco earthquake 1906 facts

how to solve water pollution
Actually, aquatic ecosystems can do ‘rehabilitation’ naturally case of water pollution. But this has its limits rehabilitation capabilities. Therefore, at least there should be an effort for the prevention and control of water pollution. How to solve water pollution can be done from the introduction and good sense by people’s behavior. How to solve water pollution can be carried out preventive measures, for example by removing food debris and organic material in the trash and do not throw in the river.

In addition, there are a variety of other measures in addition to preventive measures that we can do. Here are some actions that we can do by the public as a way to overcome water pollution, namely:

  • Use water wisely. Reduce water use for activities that are less useful and use the right amount.
  • Reduce the use of detergents. As much as possible choose the detergent is environmentally friendly and can rapidly decompose in nature.
  • Reduce consumption of harmful chemical drugs. Drugs are dangerous chemicals such as pesticides, and insect repellent liquid is one cause of damage to aquatic ecosystems
  • Do not use the river for washing cars, trucks, and motorcycles.
  • Do not use the river to bathe rides and farm animals as a toilet.
  • Do not dispose of household waste in the river / lake. Manage your household waste properly and try to plant a tree at the edge of the river / lake.
  • Aware of the continuity of water supply with no damage or exploit water sources from being contaminated.
  • Optimizing the rehabilitation of degraded land that aims to promote the conservation of underground water
  • Tackling land degradation former B3 waste disposal.

A few steps above is how to deal with water pollution is simply to start from ourselves. Actually, not too difficult to tackle water pollution when we realize that water is an integral part of life and everyone is obliged to maintain and preserve the aquatic ecosystems.

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