How to Protect Your Home From Hurricanes


As the hurricane moves slowly enough, you will have time to prepare your home for whatever is caused by the storm. The secret is to start preparing your home for hurricane season before it begins. As soon as the storm approaches, you will not have time, and the inventory to board your home will be in short supply.

Windows and doors are the most vulnerable parts of most homes during a storm. While wind and rain may not break the aperture, things will explode in a storm. Something as small as a patio chair or tree branch can easily penetrate a window or break a door. The wind and rain that blows agen triplek your house will cause flooding and could have pushed your roof from the inside.

Board Up With Plywood

While they may not meet your local building code, the cheapest and most popular method of window and door security is with sea plywood. Cut a flat plywood panel to fit the opening and tighten it with screws approximately every 18 inches. It is not recommended to use plywood from previous years, as it can be curved in storage. The wind could be behind the curved board and tear it from the window.

Hurricane Glass

Like the safety glass used for windshields, hurricane glass consists of thin plastic sheets contained in two sheets of glass. It is installed permanently instead of standard window glass. Many people also protect this window with plywood or window coverings.

Storm Shutters

Plastic, aluminum or steel jammed windows are permanent windows that can be closed above a window before a storm. This is the most expensive boarding up solution, and the easiest to use once installed. However, many insurance companies provide discounts for storm windows, which can help offset the cost.

Protecting Your Door

Instead of worrying about going all but one of the doors, many homeowners set up wooden or solid metal doors, which tend to be impenetrable by anything flying in the air.

If you live anywhere that has the potential to be in the path of the storm, you will want to make this up preparation first. If the storm is anticipated, you will find that home improvement stores are running out of plywood. Storm shutter and hurricane storms can take weeks to order and are already installed. The price and availability of both will be better this season, when most people do not think of a storm in the tropics.