Italian earthquake in August 2016, Turns It causes!

In late August 2016, an earthquake casualties occurred again. Best earthquake kit this time the earthquake occurred near the town of Norcia, Italy to the magnitude of Mw 6.2 earthquake (moment magnitude). Italy earthquake occurred in the epicenter 13 172 42 714 ° N ° E with a depth of 10 km. Until I write this article, there were already 159 people confirmed dead and many who have not been found.

Italy earthquake is not the first time, in 2009, earthquakes have hit Italy in the city of L’Aquila that killed 300 people. In fact, after the earthquake of L’Aquila the Italian government made a mistake by arresting scientists failed to predict earthquakes because earthquakes. L’Aquila earthquake I have ever written in the article if Earthquake Who’s Wrong? , But this time I do not want to write about it, this time I tried to write a little about what causes earthquakes today .

the history of earthquakes in Italy

Order Italian Geology and Earthquake Causes

Grow zone between the continental shelf to the continental shelf allows the formed fracture around the central region of Italy as in the show on the map geological structure.In order geology, State Italy globally are on track to grow zone between the micro Adria microplate subduksi under the Eurasian plate and the zone collision ( collision ) between the plates the Eurasian continent with the African continental plate. Collision zone between the continental shelf with the formation of continental plates causes Alpinnines mountains in Italy.

Based on the analysis of the USGS, the earthquake causes of Italy is attributable to the seismic source mechanisms in the form of Normal Fault trending Northwest – Southeast in the mid-mountains of the Apennines.

History Earthquake in Italy

Earthquake Italy taggal August 24, 2016, is not the first deadly earthquake. Historically, Italy has a lot of land seismic events that are so deadly.

USGS noted that Italy had experienced an earthquake in September 1997 a magnitude 6.0 Mw position 50 km Northwest earthquake this August 24, 2016. The 1997 quake killed 11 people, injured 100 and damaged about 80,000 homes in the Marche and Umbria. An earthquake in 1997 was the successive earthquakes occur, the people there call Umbria-Marche seismic sequence. Earthquakes are berderetan as much as 8 earthquakes with a magnitude above 5 MW which occurred within 2 months (September to November) in 1997.

In April 2009, an earthquake with a Mw 6.3 magnituod within 45 km to the southeast of the quake’s August 24, 2016. The earthquake occurred in the town of L’Aquila , killing least 300 people, injured over 1,000 and as many as 55,000 people without homes or more.

The history of earthquakes in Italy from 1989 – 1998. The left map shows earthquakes greater than 2.4 and the right map shows the focal mechanism of earthquakes shallower than 40 Km (Eugenio Carminati,, 2010).

If we look at the map above, it can be seen that, an earthquake occurred in many countries around the central region of Italy. From mechanism focal on the right also shows that the seismic source mechanisms bumii that frequently occur in the form of a normal fault ( Normal Fault ).

Hopefully the article about Earthquakes Italy in 2016 could increase knowledge of natural disasters for the reader.

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