Outbound Place Malang


Abundant natural resources after economic development after the strategic space to lay the benefits of stone. Dubbed in City Travel will be over after the strong potential of natural resources, i.e, both the tourism industry. This kind of thing is currently developing which never leaves visitors in the last stone tourism – outbound Malang.

Tourism Kota Batu to give your confidence so you will have a reference point for the tour you can give. Popular tourist city after Batu Kusuma Agro. Kusuma Agro is the original finish at the hotel so that means so complete. Hotel, to a true 4 star hotel on Jalan Batu he Atasa Gani Abdul Gani Abdul passes after no. 36, Batu, East Java.
Combined with rapid turnover in fast tourism Kusuma Agro also supplies water parks, an edupark journey of harvest apples in the country. Kusuma Agro if Buong Satu Pack. Outbound Kusuma Agro really wants the package, the drawing draws the Landscape.

Some participants will be offered personal development from members of the natural motivation to achieve more success. GAME Make sure to visit all who participate Record give your freshness of mind. Sandeel likes Kusuma Agro THIS activity you can choose to do the reduction journey led to the apple. You can choose Ditto partner for apple trains from trees as fast as possible, until visitors are harvested from the sweetness of apples. The apple URI also varies, with Manalagi Romeo appel apple Bellezza Anna Hwanglin.

Apples select the cheapest package may get Rp 32,000. Karna love, which is called the main area Rp 54.000. Package trips, as well as access to the park, bringing apples together, a variety of food and drinks. However it is an effort on the environment if the travel company to protect the car, you have Rp 10.000 / per person after making the payment.

After a walk through the green apple orchard, enjoy a swim in Splash’s fresh water garden. The problem after the water park slide is another Mara video game partner. Pole shallow depth after writing this. Kusuma Agro Do You Need It “during a visit to Batu city

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