Place The Plants In A Metal Cabinet And Separates The Spaces

Place The Plants In A Metal Cabinet And Separates The Spaces

This tip is great for those who have a large space in the kitchen. Given the opportunity, why not use, as an element of demarcation of this environment, the light-looking and modern shelves, you can complete with plants of various types In this way it will add color, as well as more space to be used for storing books and other items.

A wooden shelf to give character to a small kitchen

No matter if your kitchen is large and small, however, can be embellished with pleasant vegetal elements. In this case, for example, the little space available has been enhanced with the addition of a wooden shelf placed at the top to accommodate the plants. A beautiful sight, is not it

Transforms the kitchen into a magical space

The kitchen that photographers have immortalized the Kalaspy study is truly a unique masterpiece. The strong presence of various types of plants, distributed around the room, creates atmosphere soft and really poetic. To enhance this effect and give even more the feeling of being in a dream space, typical elements of the gardens have been added, such as the wicker chair and lanterns that were hung from the ceiling. Really nice!

If the kitchen is big you can fill it in 1000 different ways

If the kitchen is very large and you do not have space limitations … go to the imagination! Every corner is good to place a plant, even the ceiling! The effect will be a lot more welcoming and warm environment. Imagine the picture of the kitchen without plants It would still be beautiful, but much more fredda.La presence of the green has completely transformed.

It combines the plants floral and colorful paintings

The plants can not be the only element used to customize a space. Does not hurt to use a little ‘color! So why not combine the paintings carefully chosen plants, maybe and maybe with colorful floral designs The effect bohemian – chic is guaranteed!

Decorate the kitchen with herbs

A great way to combine business with pleasure is to keep in the kitchen plants which will then be used in the preparation of meals, such as basil, rosemary or sage. These also give color and put in the graceful white vases are perfect!

Create a shelf high above the working plane, for the plants and for books

This device is similar to what we saw earlier for small kitchens, but revised in the event of a large kitchen. Given the opportunity, keep the plants on a high shelf is always a good idea, in this case, but why not make it big, using a shelf to ceiling, on which also store other objects

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