Prada, The Urgent Need To Understand Now. With Optimism

Prada, The Urgent Need To Understand Now. With Optimism

Sharing, search, urgently. Where sharing is one of the cultures, the research is the knowledge, the urgent need is to understand the present time, now.
Miuccia Prada is a state of creative excitement that you leave behind every car quote and every temptation vintage one that sends the catwalk spring  summer 2017 collection for men and women (the female is a collection of a half, the usual she prepares for dialogue with the male).

But above all is a Miuccia Prada that awakens consciences on the need to understand the world and confused to find in this confusion the way to intervene in the story of its development. I’m an optimist by choice. For ideological choice, he said backstage. And it is understandable, otherwise they would not do the job he does. But it is the optimism the key to interpret his collection presented in an OMA structure that tells a post-human environment in which they move women and men who recover their own human factor through a journey that is not only in the physical world but a journey into knowledge.

Prada has benefited from this research thanks to the work he is doing with the contemporary art in its Foundation, where the current is probed with the same tenacity with which culture has ever dug into the past. In this collection, the past remains in the background, and means only the assets that we have acquired. While the current is transformed into clothes suitable to the sharing of experiences that is precisely the journey. Well described by the styling of the show with the ubiquitous backpack on the shoulders of men and women in which the alternatives are crammed with shoes and bags attached to the outside, the journey is very little physical and metaphorical, because only physically by compromising with the unknown you come to his understanding. And you recover that humanity harmed by the continuous use of technology but still unable to replace the human. So, very active suits, trousers and jackets, sandals and nylon shoes, rubber, air duster coats that are well suited to the movement and eventually are replaced by the jackets and the clothes, the dusters urbanity and everything you need to address the emergency alternative that ripresenta.E while the collection of the clothing becomes attractive, modern, fast, and now describes the men and women who have an identity to be compared with other identities

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