Prepare Your Exciting Vacation

At the moment there are already some of my clients who are afraid of the holiday season. This is because there’s often a lot of pressure, hope, guilt, disappointment, pain, loneliness, fatigue … and the list goes on.

Actually this can indeed be one very good choice for you. We ourselves can actually choose who the person who will accompany in spending time together. We ourselves also even choose ourselves as what activities we want. We can choose where we are going. Holiday season can be very simple and even can be as intensive as you choose in making it. And this may even be a very nice thing especially if you already have successfully planned it very maturely.

Spend some time this week to think about what’s most important to you this season, and then do a little planning. Here are some suggestions to help.

==> Create a list of holiday rituals that are important to you.

There is no harm in asking for advice from the family about your decision on the holidays later. Just ask your family members about what you currently like and what they do not like about the holiday that happened last year. Write down all the elements and the most important activities you can ever want and do not forget to always include this year. Then later you can also start to make it happen.

Keeping traditions and rituals that are time-consuming and irrelevant “just because we always do it that way” can increase stress. Keep only traditions that have meaning for you, or create a new one. Give yourself permission to be at this moment and enjoy the unique aromas, nuances, nuances and tastes for this year’s season.

==> Make a list of the people you want to spend together during the holidays.

Who feeds you Who are your favorite family, friends, and co-workers?

What do you want to do during the holidays? If so, when and even with whom? Plan ahead and even you yourself can also ask for help especially if you really want it. True friends and many people you love may never be concerned with how much time you spend in the kitchen or even at work? Spending time with you is what they value most. You do not have to be Martha Stewart to have a big party!

Are you invited to a holiday party that you really do not want, but you’ve passed the past because you have to do it? Be an option – do not play paket wisata karimunjawa the victim! It’s not about who you should see, but who you choose to spend time with.

==> Post your holiday greeting cards, holiday letters and packages early.

Some time-saving tips:

Write a short holiday letter covering the spotlight; Copy it on holiday paper and add a note at the end to personalize it. Draw a picture collage for a photocopy on the back side of the letter.