Rain Can Be Predicted, But Can Also Earthquake Predicted?

Indonesia is located in the cluster of volcanoes and above the confluence of two continental plates are particularly vulnerable in an earthquake. Often earthquakes can occur without our knowledge.

Many scientists can predict the rain, can also predict earthquakes?

Earthquake kit list –┬áThe model that arguably tempting to predict the occurrence of earthquakes is normally used statistical models to predict the weather. Many are beginning to try to predict approximately when an earthquake will occur.

Rain Can Be Predicted, But Can Also Earthquake Predicted?

The largest trial ever conducted. Geologists predict earthquakes will occur at Parkfield, California in 1994, and set the instrument to capture future earthquake. It turned out that the estimate was wrong!

The actual earthquake just struck in 2004. One of the biggest hurdles is that geologists still do not understand how earthquakes start and stop.

But now there has been progress in predicting earthquake aftershocks and man-made, such as that associated with the waste water injection wells (as used in fracking).

This time is not yet able to predict earthquakes. As people who live in earthquake prone areas that we can do is to be more alert and perform various actions on the prevention of disasters.

As build earthquake-resistant buildings, installing sirens earthquake detection, and perform safety measures when it feels an earthquake occurs. It was that we could be safe from the threat of earthquakes.

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