Remote Controls And Extenders

Remote Controls And Extenders

remote controls, wire or remote control Depending on your camera. The price varies from a few tens to hundreds of euro on the basis of remotable options, especially in full frame.

Flash extenders. The flash extenders are of three types wire, radio waves and infrared. The first is the most sophisticated and enables the control of several flash simultaneously. If they are on the market several models at very affordable prices, around 40 € for a remote element. I highly recommend you check if the repeater is chosen TTL like the picture below. Obviously the price also varies depending on the scope.

Alternatively, and for a figure about half, you can opt for a remote infrared or even via servocellula (normal light) eye to check that your flash is activated this mode Their price is quite low, around 15 €.

Finally, if you opt for the cables, there is a quarry with a price ranging between 20 and 40 €, usually.

The height is important a tripod can be shortened by adjusting the legs, so do not buy one short but look for one pretty high. A good tripod, without a head, it will cost around 100150 €. The head is another very important point must be precise and fluid, perhaps with a bubble included. A head like the one in the picture with double lever system costs a lot we get closer to € 200.

Battery Grip

indispensable tool for those who need a lot of autonomy and do not want to carry extra batteries. They come in various types those with stylus or those powered by the same type of camera battery. Their price ranges from € 50 to over € 300 in commissioning power function available, batteries already included, remote control of the shutter button and other controls, materials and so on.The reflectors are relatively inexpensive, starting from 10 € up to several hundred for large studio panels.

Flash Accessories

In this category, and for a few Euros you can find everything from directional flaps to the speakers, the snoot reflectors or soft box to the flash, both external and internal. The second image concerns for example a diffuser  refractor of light capable of directing also the light.

Lens accessories

At a cost of around 30 € you can buy a pinhole or a set for the bockeh.Da effect be used in front of the goal.