RISHA and Technological Development Hurricane Resistant Home part1

A sad news comes from an SMS in early 2010. My brother preach when our family home in Ciamis were damaged on the roof debris. Understandably, then, in my hometown of Ciamis, rain storms often come. Moreover, the house is worth the time required treatment.

Of course we need to renovate the house. Earthquake kit list it costs big enough for us as it is arguably still a mediocre earnings. But, we managed to repair the house.

Since that incident, I began to think that it was time to attend a house hold of a natural disaster. Arguably, the house is solid enough despite a big rain or a hurricane hits. Moreover, in our beloved country, are particularly vulnerable to natural disasters present.

Five years later, I found out that similar houses that already exist and have been developed by the government. Settlement is the Research and Development Center, an agency under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Housing or the Ministry PUPR

RISHA (Simple Instant Home Health) ganbar personal documentation

Through an innovation called RISHA, Ministry PUPR managed to bring home anti-earthquake technology, healthy, not seedy, and most importantly livable. That RISHA, or Instant Home, Healthy and Simple.

Oh yah Instant in this case, that means houses built a house that is easy to be overhauled. That is, the construction of the house was built with several steel panel, which is mounted. The panel was made starting from the smallest size of 3 x 3 m.

With these panels, the house can be built quickly. House prices are also quite cheap, which is about 100 to 200 million just for sebuh house type 21.


The presence of this excellent RISAH. An earthquake-resistant houses and easy to install. Quite coveted by my nan who want a simple home. I salute the technology presented by Kkementerian PUPR.

But I think, Ministry PUPR not just to be here. In my opinion, RISHA is a good product but not so the only solution in developing settlements in Indonesia. Ministry PUPR also need to present a house that is not only resistant to earthquakes, but also resistant to storm and wind.

RISHA actually quite sturdy but rain and storms are frequent, makes me think why PUPR not bring also a home that resists innovation brunt of winds and storms. Of course the goal that no leaky roofs or debris that is old. Reflecting what happened at my house, I think it’s time to bring this kind of home PUPR.

I do not quite understand the technical matters bangungan technology, but I’m sure the house that hold large strong winds and rain can easily be designed by PUPR.

We can take the example of hurricane-resistant houses that have been built overseas. The following three references hurricane resistant home ideas that I gathered from various sources.

1. Home Domed

Domed house is a house with a very robust structure than a regular house. Domed home I mean the design house Skydome, a company from Russia.

The house design is shaped like a dome or a house with a curved upper wall. The house with such a design is intended to allow the house to withstand hurricane winds up to 250 km / h. Even the house can also be resistant against 700 kilograms of snow

The shape of this home design able to withstand the 7-magnitude earthquake.

2. Hurricane Alley

Is a named Valerie Sigler who built a house called Hurricane Alley is able to withstand the attacks winds of 300 miles per hour.

The shape of the house is simple but the design of the upper part has a double arch that is able to withstand the storm. The house is also able to withstand earthquakes and even tsunamis.

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