Short Boots For Autumn 2015, All The News And Trends For The Coming Season

Short Boots For Autumn 2015, All The News And Trends For The Coming Season

The fashion trends for fall 2015 are already known and have made the dominance of ankle boots on all other shoes! The heel will be low, almost nonexistent, but the details will make the difference.

It is already time to think about the fashion trends shoes of the fall and no doubt will appeal to lovers look comfortable! Catwalks, in fact, mark the return of the heel, sometimes even at ground level, for all ankle boots for autumn 2015. boots perfect for the day look, when the tasks are pressing and we have to run from place to place, but “convenient” is not synonymous with sloppy, of course!

Ankle boots lower will have the characteristic details, such as applications or jewel studs, or may have particular degrade, regarding the color. Women who love the look more aggressive can still find many models of bikers and amphibians, to the delight of souls rock; in this case, do not limit yourself to just black, but opt ??for other autumn colors, such as gray and brown, without forgetting special colors, such as dark red.

Low heel, no more than 5 cm, is the middle way to be preferred if you want to show off the short boots in the office. This model, in fact, is perfect with mini dresses, skirts of different lengths, jeans and cigarette pants, an outfit from day to sober and elegant, to embellish it with a particular bag, such as those proposed by Louis Vuitton for fall-winter 2015 2016. The logs with high heels and thin, however, in the fall will be a bit ‘put aside, but women who do not want to give up earning a few centimeters in height will focus on comfortable heels, like wedges and square shapes. with regard to materials, leather and suede fabrics are still the protagonists, also this fall.

Do not wear a whole finery of colored gemstones, but try doing a matching light two, such as wearing a necklace with a pendant and a ring or a pair of earrings and a bracelet. Always choose light elements and thin, easy to carry and which harmonize perfectly with the colors of the clothes indossi.Infine, do not overlook the makeup, choosing a makeup nude for the first meeting with the in-laws, perfect for giving the idea of ??being a simple girl and soap and water. Avoid eye makeup very colorful, pencils and lipsticks colors very heavy access;

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