Natural disasters often cause casualties, and therefore the necessary steps – rescue measures in times of disaster, such as:

  1. Rescue action to be taken

If a natural disaster has occurred, the first step to be taken is self-preservation. Some rescue measures in times of disaster, including the following:

a. Earthquake rescue

  • Be calm and do not panic in order to perform the rescue act of self and family well
  • Immediately out of the house if it was in the house. Look for a clearing place to avoid falling trees or buildings which may collapse.
  • When inside a building or building high-rise, is likely to come out very difficult and takes a long time, actions to be taken are under a desk or place to refrain from debris or falling objects – objects.
  • When on the road, reduce the speed of the vehicle or pull off the road, but try stops away from trees, billboards, or buildings in the surrounding streets.
  • While at the center of the crowd, keep away from the jostling to get out the door. Better find a safe haven from debris or falling objects – objects. Earthquake emergency kit


b. How tsunamis

  • In the event of an earthquake, then the low tide arrived – arrived, immediately ran away from the beach and looking for a place higher because of the possibility of tsunami will occur
  • If an earthquake occurs at night with great power and possibility of electricity and telecommunication channel will be disconnected. If it happens in an emergency immediately seek storey building and went up
  • The government put a tsunami early monitoring equipment on the beach. If an earthquake happens and is accompanied by a tsunami, atat it will emit a siren. When you hear the sirens immediately move away from the coast looking for a high dn

c. During floods

  • When floodwaters dudah entered the house, it is better to evacuate to a safer place.
  • Note the cleanliness of the place, food, and drinks. During floods easily germs spread and infectious disease.
  • Alert to the surrounding environment in order to avoid things – things that are not desirable. Eg electric shock.

d. Reduction Due to Fires

  • Try not to be too much out of the house to avoid the smoke.
  • If out of the house, use a mask to reduce the adverse effects of smoke on our breathing

2. Evacuation of Wounded – Luka to Hospital

Natural disasters occur suddenly – arrived sometimes caused no injuries – injuries or died. Victims who suffered injuries – cuts should be evacuated to a hospital for medical treatment. For the survivors were evacuated to a safe place, while the victims who died, was evacuated, and was buried. Evacuation is done by the local community who are not affected by the disaster, volunteers, rescue teams or of TNI

3. Victim Assistance Needed

Disaster victims in need of assistance. The help is needed, among other things, such as food, drink, clothing, blankets, tents – tents, or a tool – a tool school. Such assistance may come from central government, local governments, local communities, people who are from other regions, non-governmental organizations, social agencies or from other countries. Help may be goods – goods or psychiatric or mental assistance to be able to face this disaster with patience and strong in order to re-arrange his life. Such assistance can be done in several ways, for example

a. Directly provided to victims

b. Through social agencies

c. Through agencies – other institutions open relief center, eg television station

4. Provision of Post-Disaster Recovery Assistance Conditions

Natural disasters create social and economic life of society becomes chaotic. Moreover, if the houses and buildings – other buildings suffered severe damage, markets, offices, or schools – schools that suffered damage can disrupt economic activity and of learning – teaching. In order for the condition to recover, governments and communities together – both trying to give the necessary assistance for the recovery.

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