This year, the dry season is very long. Plants began to dry, the rivers lose the flow of water, springs and wells dry shrinking. Some animals even die as a result of heat and thirst. All animals and plants are always praying over the rain that comes and gives life to them. Motivator Indonesia

Unfavorable circumstances makes a raven mothers to take their children amounting to 8 people to migrate to cooler areas and have a reliable water supply. After a long debate, they finally leave for other regions together.
Feeling tired and thirsty crow family hit it, they finally rest in a farmhouse that has been abandoned. They are all very thirsty. This gives rise to quarrels due to emotions, plus exposure to the hot sun. Even the mother crow could not silence them.
Crow least avoid disturbing his brothers, he was sad because of the quarrel. Finally, he flew around the house and look for who knows there is water supply remaining. Small crow finally managed to find a jug behind the farmhouse. Kendi it contains very little water in the bottom.
The little one calling to my mother and brothers. It feels useless if there was a jar of water that is very little. They could not reach the bottom of the jug, the crows need beachhead when drinking, if not, they could be splashed into the water and die. None dared to go into a jug to drink.
The little crow is not desperate, he saw a pile of gravel outside the farmhouse. Eventually he flew and put pebbles into the jar. Other relatives who do not know what is being done by inserting the Raven small pebbles into the jar.
Finally the mother crow understand, the youngest child of gravel to prevent water entering at the base of the jug up to the surface, so that they could all drink the jug rests on the lip. The mother asked that all his children to help the youngest to enter the gravel.
With patience and cooperation, eventually the water at the base of the jug up to the surface. They all took turns drinking the water without worrying splashed into the water. All crows praised the idea of ??the little crow. And finally, after the throat, the crow family and flew up in the more fertile and lots of rain.
REFLECTION: You can learn that the problem will not be finished with the quarrel. All you can do is to think in peace of how to solve the problem. Patience and cooperation will also be an important key to success.

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