The Best App For The Return To School

The Best App For The Return To School

Here are the best apps for the return to school, all the resources to download on your smartphone to help the hard life of the students. By applications to organize the study to dictionaries online, all apps are essential for the study.

Just start schools and millions of children are going to face a long and difficult year of training. Once we spent the whole day with her head down on the books and all accomplished with pen and paper. No doubt, though, that we are now at a stage where technology changes even methodologies for learning and study That is why today, with this brief review, we want to tell and suggest some of the applications that can facilitate the study and help organize homework and lessons. So about some of the most useful app dedicated to students.

What can not miss on the phone of a student? No doubt an Italian dictionary and translator, but there are also many other helpful resources for homework and to write term papers or presentations. To write as if you were in front of the PC, you can use apps like Pages, a program very similar to the classic Word that used on the host machine or Evernote, which dynamically and intuitively lets you take notes, save links or research and also attach pictures ; In short, what is needed in order not to ever miss a word when you need it!

You also tend to study better to outline? Then you can not help but make the app perfect for patterns: MindNode is called, or alternatively there FreeMind, and to create spreadsheets very simple Numbers, or you can use the official Microsoft app, then Excel version mobile. Google Spreadsheets also very good, you should already find on all Android smartphones with Google Translate, which in few seconds allows you to translate any phrase in any language.

To organize homework, but in general to manage your study days, you can use Things, a task manager essential for students who want to optimize the most zealous and devote time also in extracurricular activities. Very good also iStudiez Pro, a real digital diary to write about the class schedule and tasks.

They might finally like to hear about how iMathematics Pro app, also available in a free version, very useful for those who have trouble with math, and the translator of Latin, to be able to make a version even when you do not have your good old dictionary.

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