This 6 Efficacy of Potato What Do not We Know

Potatoes, but can be used for vegetables and food, it can be utilized to maintain and care for health. Many people who like these potatoes because it tastes delicious, savory if made fries, and others. for those of you who like to consume potatoes, but do not know what the efficacy of these potatoes, then please read the following article.

Example 6 Efficacy Potatoes Here You Do not Know
Can reduce kidney stones
One of the first properties of the potato is that it can reduce kidney stone disease, magnesium contained in this potato, was able to reject the existing calcium in the kidneys, reducing kidney stone disease.

Can be Used as Food Diet
For those of you who wish to lose weight, you can consume the potato is boiled manner. In this way, fatty substances in the body will decrease, and weight loss also will be normal again.

Maintain Bone Health
Efficacy potatoes next one is able to maintain bone health, substances – substances that exist in this potato was able to maintain the health of your bones. So you will not waste – waste, if it regularly consume potatoes.

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Brighten Face
These potatoes also can you make as a natural remedy to brighten the face, the way her by using her as a face mask, do it this way as often as possible, until the face is changing.

As Cancer Prevention
The risk of these cancers can be prevented by eating potatoes, well for those of you who want to avoid diseases such as cancer, then you can consume these potatoes regularly.

Keeping Heart Health
You can also cardiac care by eating potatoes, if your heart is healthy, the blood can be pumped throughout the body well. Conversely, if the heart is experiencing problems or illness, then it is definitely in the blood will not pump properly.

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