This is the purpose of red chili for walnuts

If you’re a fan of birds chirping canaries in particular then you need to know some feed that can be given on the walnuts, usually the owners of the birds will feed selectively choose what should be given to walnuts or not because if the feed given less precise impact on birds itself, see also the article on knowing the type of canary gloster. One feed can be given in walnuts are red chili, you all must have known about this feed because it is also widely consumed by humans in their daily life, and whether the benefits of red chili when administered on a walnut? you need to know that if you are fond of chili walnuts then that is a good thing because the chili itself contains enough vitamins good for the health of the birds.

As I said above that the benefits of red chilli to it a lot because walnuts contained vitamin C is very high, even by scientists who have examined the content of vitamin C in peppers can exceed guava, but it’s true or not I also do not know. For example, just when was having thrush usually someone who treated her with chili and it works, it is a fraction benefits spicy chili though rasannya but the benefits are many.

Red chili also contains carotene which is the same as carrots, function itself can to lighten the color of canaries mainly canary feathers with red fur, besides chilli also contains capsaicin which can be beneficial to warm the body and appropriate given the current cold weather conditions. Chili also can increase endurance walnuts that can be more resistant to attack by bacteria that would interfere with his health. When you look less stamina walnuts can be given because the chilli peppers can also be beneficial to make stamina walnut be fit again so that it can perform well, but you should notice is not emberikan chili walnuts excessively due to lack of good for the stomach such as sweating and severe get diarrhea so that the gift must be in portions yag enough.