Tips on how to overcome the vicious dog

Have a vicious dog certainly very disturbing especially dogs that have to be maintained for many years has properties like barking and biting is actually when we are dealing with a vicious dog we could deal with it running slowly and stare the vicious dog when the dog turns chasing us then we should do is immediately squat and stare at the dog occasionally we move our hands to look for rocks that surround our hands then make sure the dog would be scared to see us.

Vicious dog
To know the kind of vicious dog we can recognize it by looking gaze behavior matanaya and Signs of fierce dog

  1. Note his voice when the dog is often the dog is barking so ferociously
  2. Dogs are like the dog incubate dangerous omen for us

The first step when we see a dog that looks fierce is behave naturally just do not let us live scared and ran it would make the dog will be shocked and will come after us, try to be quiet and do not move when we are silent and the dog crusty towards us quickly then immediately crouch or squat down and pick up stones or sticks that are around us.

Therefore if we have a pet dog should we care for the dog properly and provide food that many pet so we do not starve and eventually became wild.

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