Tips To Keep Your Network Fluent During The Holidays

Strategies for Networking Over the Holidays There are a number of seasonal strategies you can use to improve your business relationships, enhance your brand and strengthen your bottom line. However, a holiday is a time when personal connections and personal relationships are one of the few small business profits owned by big companies. As a small business, you have the ability to build a strong face-to-face relationship, and a holiday is a great time to take advantage of that advantage. Most industry organizations and local business associations host networking events. This is the perfect opportunity to go out, have fun, meet people and identify business opportunities. Here are some network tips to help make your vacation better for business:

Take time to talk to other people. Do not rush from person to person in a desperate attempt to collect cards. As you network, your goal is not to close the deal, building relationships harga paket karimunjawa that inspire trust. Be sure to ask questions and listen – this is not the time to launch a long sales pitch – unless of course they specifically ask for it.

Bring sure to bring enough business cards. A friend of mine who is a network wizard always keeps an extra box in his car just in case. Make sure your card shows your live contact information as well as the identity of your website and social media. After having a meaningful conversation, always offer your card and ask for a reward. If possible, discrete take a short note on the back of their card so you can better remember your conversation.

Useful. Offer help and provide directions whenever appropriate. Referrals are the heart and soul of the network. Offering a beneficial solution to others (which does not benefit you directly) gives a good tone to the relationship and makes you a valuable ally.

Always follow up After each network event, be sure to follow up. Follow-up can be an email or even linked on LinkedIn or Facebook, but never predict the ability of a private call or a wise record.

Send a greeting card. Speaking of wise notes, greeting cards are a great way to register on your client’s radar. Try to send holiday cards out a bit early as many people take time off around the holidays. In most cases a religious-neutral holiday card is appropriate. I suggest to personalize the note if possible, because “Bill, I hope you and Melissa enjoy this Barbados vacation!” Much more effective than generic “Happy Holidays”. Due to time constraints, you may not be able to personalize every card you send, but adding personal talent when it matters (eg big clients and your big prospects.) You can always print your card at home that lets you type quickly personalized messages. Buy discount printer ink cartridges online and significantly reduce your costs compared to professional printing services