Tips to Make House Always Clean

Seeing the messy corner of the house is not fun. But the sense of laziness to clean up the house is often lost with good intentions to keep clean.

Whereas dirty homes have the potential to cause disease, and often become a breeding ground for insects. Not to mention the arrival of important guests suddenly. All members of the family would have to work together to rush the house nimbly.

To clean a house with five-star hotel facilities for free, you can follow the Quiz of House quiz. But for the messy house problem is not always smothering you, easy stance to make the house is always neat that some of the following quoted you should imitate:

Hide toiletries
The first room that needs to get more attention is the bathroom. Of course your guests will need it, just to wash their hands or wash their faces. Therefore, do not let the toiletries placed in any place. To keep you tidy you can use every inch of medicine storage rack so your toothbrush or razor can hang and hide.

Get rid of hp charger
Cable charger dangling smartphone, often make the table look dirty. Easy trick to rub it off, grab some large paper clips then clip to the edge of the table. Then insert the charger connector into the paper clip hole, and the messy cable problem goes away instantly.

Set the drawer
If you do not have enough drawers to store one type of item, the easy way to arrange is to give a partition. Prepare some cardboard of used cereal, wrapping paper, scissors, cutter, and glue. Then cut the cardboard according to the width and height of the drawer. Close all parts of the cardboard with wrapping paper, the partition for your drawer is ready for use. The benefit of the supply of this bulkhead is to group the various types of goods into each partition in the drawer.

Garage = warehouse
In addition to being useful as a place to store vehicles, home garages are also often converted into additional warehouses. Like to store various household utensils. In order for this additional warehouse is always neat and clean, you should certainly consider the location of placement. After sorting the various items you want to keep, the next step is to make the storage. If the size of your garage space is not too large, the right way to do that is to install a rack that is attached to the roof or the top wall. Or use a hook that is mounted on the wall as a hook, for various items that can be hung. To store sharp objects, you need to prepare 1 piece of rigid foam (foam) and plywood. Then glue them with a special glue for the foam, press until fused and let dry for several hours. Next stick the plywood into the wall of your garage with a hand drill, and a collection of sharp objects ready to be plugged in.

Take advantage of kitchen cabinet space
Keeping the kitchen clean is not an easy task. But if you want the kitchen as beautiful as a cooking show on television, diligently clean the kitchen and organize the furniture neatly. Instead of putting it on the kitchen table, better put a variety of cookware on a closed shelf or hung on the wall. You can also change the set of recipes spread across the kitchen table with rarely used tablets. To keep your tablet safe, place it on top of a tray that is designed to hang for easy reach.

Laundry room
The interior of the house is not just about the bedroom, dining room, living room, family room, bedroom and kitchen. You also need to think about the neatness of the place to wash clothes. In order to pile detergent, softener, and deodorizer always organized, make a plastic shelf for dirty clothes as a container. Next, paste the bottom of the shelf into the wall using a nail.

Under the bed
If you have a bed with an area under the alias under the bed, take advantage of that part to place some items. The term is cool, making use of minimalist rooms become more efficient. You can use an unused dishwasher rack. Then give the wheel at the bottom to make it easier for you when you pull it out and put it in.

Water Shelter Placement.
Water reservoirs that are not stored neatly can disrupt the scene. Instead, store the gallon in a closed place, away from the view of guests and not exposed to dust. Most importantly, it is not exposed to direct sunlight and does not become a hotbed of insects. The practical way, you can use a water solution that can be drunk directly from the water tap. Some new housing has even provided a good irrigation system, one of which is in Jakarta. In each unit of this housing, there is a facility of a water reverse osmosis system that allows you to drink water directly from the faucet. Also owns Solar System electricity, where consumption of 20% -30% of electricity at home is aided by the sun.