Understanding the Definition and Examples Lakes Tectonic

The lake is a source of water scattered throughout the world. In this world, Finland is known by the nickname “Land of a Thousand Lakes”. Meanwhile Minnesota region is also famous as the “Land of ten thousand lakes”. This nickname is not without reason, it is in both these places are known as the largest lake house. However, it does not mean we can not see the lake in other countries, including Indonesia. It’s just kind of lake in Indonesia is quite typical.
Why? Because our country right at the equator so it becomes a tropical climate and shifting plates became more frequent. Therefore, do not expect any glacial lake in Indonesia. Well, one of the lakes that can be encountered is a tectonic lake. For a better understanding, here we present the definition and examples of tectonic lakes such recent earthquakes in the world
What is Lake Tectonics?
Basically is a tectonic lake is a lake formed due to tectonic events such as earthquakes. The seismic event will culminate in a fault or an event where the ground suffered fracture. Furthermore, the fracture will undergo degeneration or also known as subsidence / vanish. This collapsed the locations will form a natural basin. During the rainy season, the former basin quake will then be occupied by water and natural lakes.
The lake formed as a result of this earthquake can be found easily in Indonesia. Examples include Lake Batur, Lake Tondano, Towuti Lake, Lake Poso, Tempe Lake, Lake Maninaju, Lake Takengon and many others.
Tectonic-volcanic lake
Type lake this one is also an integral part of the tectonic lakes. But he also can not be considered a tectonic lake just because there is interference volcanic processes in it. What is a tectonic-volcanic lake? The answer is a lake formed caused by earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well.
So there is a mix of volcanic and tectonic. When the volcano erupted normally be followed by an earthquake that resulted in the basin. Then the basin will be filled with water and become lakes tekto-volcanic. Examples lakes resulting from the fusion process, these include the Lake Toba in Sumatra.
Similarly, understanding and examples of tectonic lakes . Hopefully we can add up the minds and the scope of information for you. Lake can basically be used for public welfare. For a good utilization would have started from a good understanding anyway is not it?

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